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   Chapter 524 A Rich Harvest In The Mysterious Nether World

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A moment later, an invisible force formed a huge gap above the altar, from which a colorful, dazzling light suddenly burst out!

Then, a thick column of light dropped from the gap, slamming onto the altar. All of a sudden, several figures fell down the column.

These were the young cultivators from the Violet Orchid Empire, who had entered the Mysterious Nether World.

Although a hundred people had entered the Mysterious Nether World, only about forty appeared on the altar.

That meant around sixty cultivators had died in the Mysterious Nether World!

After the thick column of light dissipated and the huge gap closed, the young survivals jumped off from the altar and began to search for their masters, elders, sect-mates, relatives or friends among the crowd that had gathered to meet them.


Dewey abruptly shouted from beside Austin, as he had found his father. He then turned into a round meatball and rolled toward a corner of the square.

In that direction stood a middle-aged man who was even fatter than Dewey. His fat head, huge face, and oversized belly made him look like a ball.

Austin couldn't help but laugh. It seemed that this middle-aged fat man was Dewey's father. The apple did not fall far from the tree. Dewey was a copy of his father!

"Austin, the elders of our sect are over there. We should greet them."

Iris and Anna said to Austin.

"Okay, go ahead."

Austin nodded at them. Then, the two girls held hands, jumped off the altar, and ran toward the middle-aged Taoist nuns.

"Senior Sister, look! The Sect Leader, Theon, is headed our way!"

Once the leaders of the five major sects saw that the young cultivators were walking toward them, they dismounted from the spectator's platform to greet their disciples.

"Austin, I've located my master as well."

Denali quickly said to Austin, before moving toward Theon with her senior sisters and other Sun Sect disciples.

"Ha-ha. God bless! You've returned!"

Theon rushed toward his disciples, excitedly. After he checked each one, he was even more delighted.

Nine young disciples from Sun Sect had entered the Mysterious Nether Wo


Iris and Anna grinned as they unveiled their cache.

"Iris, Anna! Your trip to the Mysterious Nether World has been fruitful. Besides the hundreds of fire spirit stones, you earned grade six and grade seven elixirs, books of grade five and grade six martial arts skill, and thousands of vital energy crystals. These are enough to improve the strength of our Pure Dream Convent significantly. This is outstanding!"

A middle-aged Taoist nun praised Iris and Anna. Her voice trembled as she spoke with the effort to suppress the ecstasy she felt.

The four sect leaders of the Peripatetic Sect, the Flaming Sun Valley, the Bloody Hero Gang, and the Joy Gang were searching for their disciples among the young cultivators that had returned.

"Caden, over here!"

The leader of the Bloody Hero Gang called to Caden the moment he saw Caden.

The young boy immediately walked toward him.

"God bless, Caden, you've returned! Uh... What happened to other disciples? Were they not with you? Where are they?"

The expression on the Bloody Hero Gang leader's face changed in the next instant. He glanced at the returning young cultivators. Confusion shone in his eyes.

"Caden... Where are the other principal disciples of the sect? Why are you the only one here?"

"Sect Leader, you don't need to search anymore. The other brothers didn't survive!"

"What?! They all died?! Only you survived?

What the hell happened?!"

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