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   Chapter 523 The Wait Begins

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In the imperial palace, a sea of people had collected at the huge square of the garden. Thrilled, they stood there, waiting eagerly.

It was the day when the cultivators would come back from the Mysterious Nether World. The representatives of the five biggest sects and other small sects whose disciples had broken into the top 50 in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games were present. They were anxious to see what the outcome would be.

Even the leaders of the five biggest sects had shown up. Their presence marked the importance of the day.

There was a stage on the east side of the square, and the emperor was seated on it. He was in a pleasant mood, yet there was a little nervousness and excitement in him.

The person standing at the left of the emperor was an elder dressed in a robe with the pattern of mountains and rivers on it, while an armed middle-aged man stood on the emperor's right. The former was Randy, the Hand and the latter was Lord Protector General. Both of them were the most senior officers and the most powerful people, after the emperor.

Besides the emperor, the Hand and the Lord Protector General, the leaders of the five biggest sects also sat on the stage. Being the sect leaders, each of them also enjoyed a high status in the Violet Orchid Empire.

The five sect leaders whispered to each other, eager and thrilled to know the outcome.

The topic of their conversation was about the outstanding disciples who had entered the Mysterious Nether World. Each one believed their disciples were better than the rest.

"Davis, as far as I can tell, Leo Lv from your sect seems to have the highest cultivation base among the cultivators who entered the Mysterious Nether World. I bet he must have a lot of harvests this time," the leader of the Bloody Hero Gang said with a smile.

He shared good terms with the leader of the Peripatetic Sect. That was the reason why he praised Leo. Besides, Leo was one of the best cultivators among the young generation of Violet Orchid Empire. After all, he had reached the medium stage of the Mysterious Realm.

Davis laughed and responded, "He caught my attention when he was a kid. He is smart and has exceptional talent in martial arts.

Apart from him, more than ten principal disciples of mine have also entered the Mysterious Nether World. I'm sure they'll not disappoint me.

In fact, Caden from your sect is also strong. Although he is not as good as Leo, he is also one of the elite cultivators of our kingdom. I bet he'll not let you down."

When he spoke of Leo, his mood lit up. He touched his long beard, with pleasure and pride written all over his face.

Suddenly it occurred to him that Austin had taken the first place in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games. As a result, Leo won the second prize. This had kept troubling Davis.

At the thought of Austin, he couldn't help but catch a glimpse of Theon

that the grand prince will sit on the throne with the help of those two cultivators who are at the preliminary stage of the Sky Realm.' Their minds were filled with such thoughts.

"Cheer up, guys! After I become the emperor, I will treat you well, as long as you are loyal to me!"

Imagining his glory and tenure as the emperor, the grand prince burst into laughter.

"One more thing. There's no need to wait for the cultivator named Austin who lived at your residence," he said looking at the youngest prince. "I ordered Graham, Bruce and Leo to execute him in the Mysterious Nether World. He must have been killed by now. He deserved to die after he dared to embarrass me at my wedding ceremony. He surely had it coming."

A satisfied smile appeared on his face as he mentioned Austin and announced about his destruction.

The face of the youngest prince turned pale. He had thought highly of Austin and expected him to help him take the throne. His hopes had grown more since Austin had won the championship of the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games.

But now he was informed that two masters of the Sky Realm had been asked to eliminate Austin in the Mysterious Nether World. Although Austin was a talented cultivator, he didn't think he could be a match for two masters of the Sky Realm.

'Perhaps Austin got killed by Bruce and Graham, ' he thought, feeling dismayed.

.. .

The crowd was abuzz with discussion as they waited at the square.

Out of the blue, an old eunuch strode onto the stage where the emperor was seated.

"Your Highness, the entrance to the Mysterious Nether World is going to open. Our elites will come back home soon," the eunuch said deferentially.

Although his voice wasn't loud, the whole square became quiet instantly. Silence prevailed as all waited holding their breath.

Everyone present there had their eyes focused on the altar waiting eagerly to see those who would emerge out.

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