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   Chapter 522 Leaving The Mysterious Nether World

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Despite their mighty cultivation base of the Sky Realm, all of the cultivators from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom had been killed by Austin. Only the corpse of the man in white remained intact. The rest of them were all smashed into minced meat.

" unbelievable..." Dewey murmured. He and his companions were the first to come back to their senses.

After all, Austin had kept them safe all this time, and the fight didn't involve them at all.

"Austin... These people... from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom...were...all killed..." Dewey stuttered. He was too shocked to utter a complete sentence. His eyes were as wide as saucers, and he stared at the bloody carnage of flesh and gore scattered on the ground.

The metallic tang of blood made him gag and he wanted to vomit, even though he was usually a strong-minded person.

Even Austin himself couldn't help but swallow heavily when he saw the havoc around him. He hadn't expected the battle to end so swiftly or in this grotesque massacre.

'Wow, this is the power of the evil ape.

It's so strong!' he thought.

'If I had gone to pick the soul-recovering fruits without the Flame Emperor's Beast-subduing Skill in my possession, I guess I too would have been killed like these cultivators from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.'

Thinking of it, Austin was grateful for his luck.

"Okay. Let's leave this place now," he said with a brave, but tight smile as he turned to the people behind him.

As always, he appeared calm, as if he had not just caused the destruction of nine cultivators from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

"Austin..." Dewey stammered.

He licked his lips and regained a little composure. Finally, he was able to speak as usual.

"Austin, you're awesome! These people were invincible in my eyes, yet you effortlessly wiped them out. Austin, I can't admire you more..." Dewey went on and on without stopping. Suddenly, he realized something.

"Oh, by the way, what kind of monster was it?"

he asked curiously with his eyes locked reverently upon Austin's face, as he was dying to hear the answer.

Upon hearing that, Maria, Denali, Iris, and Anna all turned to look at Austin, also waiting for his reply.

They had been present the whole time while Austin was fighting against the people from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. They had seen with their own eyes how Austin had unleashed the horrible monster.

"Ahem! Guys, don't act like groupies."

Their keen, awed eyes and curious expressions amused Austin. He shook his head with profound resignation. Patting the dust off his clothes, he prepared to leave.

"Stop talking nonsense. Let's go. If you don't want to leave, then stay," he said before he turned to leave the valley.

"Austin, come on, we're all friends. Just tell us about the monster."

Dewey didn't want to give up. Carefully minding his step over the bodily remains, he hurriedly trotted after Austin.

Maria, Iris, and Anna also followed in their wake.

Denali turned to look at her companion, who was still unconscious.

Biting her lips, she made up her mind and ran after them. Far better to be safely at Austin's side than left behind on the battlefield. ...

In the valley, two people had kept their cool during the confrontation—Graham and Bruce.

When Austin had started to combat the cultivators from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, Bruce and Graham had taken the chance to flee to the edge of the valley.

They had planned to escape from the valley once the sit


Soon, the cultivators from the Violet Orchid Empire would be transferred back to the Prime Martial World.

Their explorations of the Mysterious Nether World would soon come to an end.

Before Austin had departed, Angus had gifted him with many level 7 and level 8 medicinal materials.

With nothing else to be gained from staying, Austin then journeyed to the river which flowed next to the lake where he had found the soul-recovering fruits. Two groups of people had already arrived.

One was the group of imperial members led by Bruce and Graham. The other was the nine mysterious men from the Ghost Sect.

When these two groups arrived at the river, they saw more than ten lilac colored sunflower-like plants. The fruits of the plants had already been harvested, however, and the cultivators' faces turned as dark as ink.

Obviously, someone had beaten them there and had already taken possession of the soul-recovering fruits.

Somehow, they all suspected Austin of this crime. Their gut feelings told them that these soul-recovering fruits had all been picked by him.

They gnashed their teeth in anger, but could do nothing.

After the gruesome manner in which the nine cultivators from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom had been killed, Wilson, Leo, and their companions didn't dare to antagonize Austin again.

Wilson, Leo, Garret, Caden, Symon, and the others had all witnessed the deaths of the cultivators from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. They finally realized that they couldn't hold a candle to Austin. Even though they had some trump cards, they also knew that they were ill equipped to defeat him.

Finally, the time to leave the Mysterious Nether World arrived.

All the cultivators were prepared to be transferred.

Without warning, all of them were illuminated by streaks of mysterious light coming down from the sky.

Then their heads became dizzy and it felt as if the sky and earth were spinning madly around.

After a disorientating moment, they opened their eyes again, and they were already standing on a giant square. All of the cultivators from the Violet Orchid Empire were there.

Everyone was familiar with the square—it was located at the imperial garden of the Violet Orchid Empire.

"Ah! Finally, we're back!"

They laughed and cheered happily upon realizing that they were home.

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