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   Chapter 521 Kill Them All

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9289

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The young man in white clothes didn't expect that Austin would break his unique skill, Ice Dragon Eradication in one blow.

With this move, he had killed several famous warriors in the Sky Realm in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. He had thought that even if he could not kill Austin, it would be enough to make Austin struggle with striking back.

So, when Austin reached him at supernatural speed, he realized what had happened and was horrified.

With his strength, he could have battled Austin. However, he had underestimated Austin from the very beginning. He had been so careless that Austin had gotten close to him in an instant.

"Shit! But it's not that easy to kill me."

Seeing that Austin's air splitting great force fist was headed for him, the man in white roared.

He opened his hands, and all the cold air and snow around his body were absorbed in an instant. Within the blink of an eye, his body was encased in three thick layers of solid ice.

His body looked like a statue of ice and snow or a person wrapped in amber. The sparkling light of the snow drifted between the layers of ice, sacred and inviolable.

"Boom, boom, boom!"

The next moment, with thirty thousand pounds of force and lightning-fast speed, Austin punched the ice cocoon.

However, what surprised Austin was that his air splitting fist did not leave a mark on the ice cocoon.

It certainly did not break through the ice and kill his enemy.

"Shit! What a hard ice shield," Austin could not help but exclaim.

"Little boy, your physical strength is good, but it is not enough to break my Real Ice Armor!"

Well, Austin had to admit that there was some truth in the man's words. It seemed that thirty thousand pounds of force was a threat to warriors who were in the Mysterious Realm, but to warriors who were in the Sky Realm, it was insufficient.

So Austin stopped his attack and smiled coldly.

"Oh, really? You believe I can't kill you?" he scoffed.

Austin summoned both swords of vital energy and held them in his hands.

The swords burned with a golden flame. He swung the swords at the man in white.

This time, the power of the Scorching Evil Fire in Austin's body burned a large amount of its vital energy. A beam of horribly high flame poured out from the swords and formed a thick layer of fire.

It seemed that the two vital energy swords had turned into two fire swords.

Looking at the two mysterious fire swords in Austin's hands, the young man in white felt a sense of danger deep in his heart. He desperately pushed his body in a hurry, trying to dodge.

However, Austin was already in front of him. He couldn't escape.


The man in white was horrified when Austin's vital energy swords pierced through t

he two fists passed, the air collapsed. The scene became even more chaotic as the air exploded like a series of loud firecrackers. A rising mushroom cloud could be seen.


The first to bear the brunt was a master in the Sky Realm from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. He could hardly breathe as he was punched to pieces. There was no room for resistance and struggle.

Then the evil ape bent its legs slightly as it prepared to jump. Its limbs looked like stumps of a towering tree.

Then, like a flying steel chariot, it rushed toward the sky.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

With three punches, the sky in the valley tore and collapsed. The three masters in the Sky Realm from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, were hammered to death. Their blood and bones flew toward the sky, before scattering on the ground like gravel!

"Oh, what is this? What kind of monster is this?"


The remaining masters in the Sky Realm from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom were horrified and let out a heart-wrenching cry of desperation.

The ancient evil ape was so terrifying that they had no chance of fighting back. Only one side was slaughtered!

However, they could not escape the evil ape.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The warriors in the Sky Realm from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, who were pretentious and aloof, were blown up. In the valley, above the sky, there was a burst of bloody sparks like fireworks. It was the end of their life. The last glory that came out before it fell into the abyss.

When the last warrior from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom was slain, Austin put the ancient evil ape back into his beast-subduing bag.

Finally, as the flesh and bone residue from the warriors from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom was scattered on the ground, the whole land was dyed red. Silence filled the valley.

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