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   Chapter 519 It Was Impossible! (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6411

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The young man showed little interest in joining the fight. His eyes were too focused on the pretty girls of the Violet Orchid Empire. Stretching his pale, slender hands, he conjured up a gigantic palm of vital energy.

''Don't stop guys! I'll join you later after having fun with these beauties, '' he jeered, swinging the huge palm he had conjured towards the girls.

The palm was a powerful concentration of vital energy force at the medium level of Sky Realm and there was nothing the girls could do as it grasped them tightly.

''G-Go away!''

Denali screamed, trembling in fright. She looked quite pale and terrified standing next to Austin, like a frightened animal.

The young man stared at her lewdly as he held two girls in his giant palm. His indecent stare caused Denali to fold back and whimper like a scared puppy.

The young man could not help but feel enraptured by Denali. She was, after all, the most beautiful one among all the women and there was nothing a perverted, but also skilled cultivator like him wanted more than a delicate beauty.

There was no denying that he was strong. The huge palm of concentrated vital energy he had conjured was proof enough. Denali was merely at the preliminary level of the Earth Realm and she was doomed the moment the young man set his eyes on her. The palm he conjured was an oppressive, paralyzing force that wrapped around her, suppressing her movements to the point that all she could do was scream.

''Martial skill of ice? Ha, that's no big deal.''

Austin muttered to himself as he watched Denali struggling against the energy that bound her in place.

The paralyzing ice attack may work against the girls but it should be nothing for someone like Austin.

Had the young man displayed any other martial skill, then he might've been more cautious, but the martial skill of ice? It was laughable. Nobody could be more confident tha

of force.

But force alone was not enough to bring down a cultivator at the same level, so, besides that, he also used vital energy force to make the strike more powerful.

All it took was a second.

As he raised his golden fist, Austin struck down.

And as he did, a bright, golden flash of light blinded anyone who could have been watching.


The huge palm of concentrated vital energy exploded the moment Austin brought down his fist.

The perverted young man, too shocked by the sudden turn of events, failed to notice Austin who hurriedly took the girls just as the palm holding them exploded.

The poor, poor girls looked scared out of their wits. They were pale, had difficulty breathing, and were constantly clutching at their chests just to ease up their tension.

It took quite a while for the two to calm down but once they did, they immediately showed their gratitude by relentlessly bowing to Austin and mumbling about how they owe their lives to a hero such as him.

''What?'' Everyone present was rendered speechless, stunned at everything that just happened.

''Oh my god! So you are the alleged strong cultivator of Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom! Seriously? Look at you, such a loser. How dare you be so rampant in front of me?

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