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   Chapter 518 Kneel Down Now (Part Three)

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Whilst heavily breathing, the man showed respect to the group while addressing them. "My Lords, please spare my life!"

Glancing between the men and the bewildered Austin, he asserted with all the bravery he could muster. "Actually, when Austin killed the good-looking hero from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, I-I was there! I can testify against him."

The eyes of the man shook with desperation and his voice wavered ever so slightly. "I should have tried to stop Austin from fighting the mighty hero but—" he paused just for dramatic flair and frowned. "It was a pity that I was not powerful enough to beat him in combat."

When the man noticed the doubtful and uncaring expressions of the group, he raised his voice higher and pleaded with his hands tightly clasped in front of his teary face. "My Lords, you do not know the full truth! Actually, Austin had always been arrogant, and-and he is a mass murderer with much blood on his hands!"

"My Lords, I implore you to kill Austin at once! He is a threat!"

Grasping his robes for the pockets filled with various items and tokens, he laid down the prized objects in front of him and looked up and presenting his utmost honest expression. "And, my Lords, this is a Spiritual medicine and a Vital Energy Crystal that I obtained from the Mysterious Nether World." Rubbing his hands together in an attempt to persuade the group of men, he continued to beg. "I would like to dedicate all of them to you. Please spare my life for my loyalty to all of you."

The man down on his knees begging for mercy surprised everyone, including the nine high-level cultivators in the air from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

After staring at the face of the kneeling man ever since he had broken out of the line and bowed his head in front of the group, Austin soon figured out the identity of the male. The man in question was a top disciple of the Blood Hero Gang, and if his memory served him right, his name was Morris. Recalling the instance wherein they had encountered each other deep in the Medicine Valley, he remembered the same individual being a witness to his triumph over the young boy cloaked in white garments from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. However, it was then obvious to him that Morris' story did not reflect the real event, and Austin exhaled in vexation. A lie for mercy--that was what it was, as Austin clearly thought back to what happened

fled by the wind and covered his features, momentarily hiding the spite evident on his face.

Soon enough, the grounds were covered with ice sculptures, as a dozen people were all entrapped within the brutal wind and malevolent snow brought upon by the mighty cultivator.

The young man, with his robe billowing behind him, feasted his eyes on the destruction he had caused upon the land and snapped his fingers without hesitation. Within the blink of an eye, the ice sculptures crumpled into irreparable pieces as the fist-like hard hail moved with powerful precision towards the bodies encrusted in snow.

With barely a single move, the man had managed to kill a dozen men, which silenced their cries forever with their deaths.

Just from witnessing the abrupt end of a massacre, Austin promptly discovered that the young man's cultivation had reached the same Medium Level at the Sky Realm as he did. Cracking his knuckles and exhaling deeply through his mouth, he mentally prepared himself for the oncoming battle against the cultivator.

Turning towards Austin, the cold wind around him grew stronger and with a loud voice that carried over the hail and storm and he cried out. "Weakling! How dare you ignore my order!"

"I said kneel down!" the man in a white aura began as he drastically became more powerful.

After killing a dozen men by himself, the young man in white, a representative from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, raised his hand again and a flurry of cold emitted from his body. With a shout of "Die!", an intense and overwhelming wave of ice and snow hurtled towards Austin.

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