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   Chapter 517 Kneel Down Now (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7731

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Turning to the rest of the crowd who were shifting anxiously between themselves, the cultivators of the land held their breath and widened their unbelieving eyes when they were suddenly being talked to. "As for the rest of you, line up and wait for your punishment!"

Another member of the nine figures stepped forward and licked his bottom lip in anticipation of the bloodshed. Surrounding his frame was the potent smell of blood and a reddish hue could be seen oozing off him if one looked closely. The intriguing scent of blood and iron seemed to transform into a large bird; a ferocious eagle, albeit curiously, its wings and body were striking red.

Shaking in their feet while hesitantly forming parallel lines, the men and women muttered among themselves, some with tears springing from their eyelids.

Looking at one another, one could practically taste the fear and anxiety in the air as they all desperately wished for a saving grace. With fists balled and resisting attitudes, even some of Austin's comrades originally refused to cooperate with the nine imposing figures commandeering them to fall in ranks. However, they reluctantly acquiesced when they caught the warning looks of Austin who had silently begged them to follow for now. 'My fellow cultivators might get into more trouble if they disobeyed.' Austin heavily contemplated while he tried to come up with a plan.

"What is going to happen to us? We cannot do anything but wait for them to punish us." Some of the cultivators murmured as they quietly discussed their horrible fates and waited. Moments of uncertainty passed by slowly. As the nine figures from the formidable Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom gathered in a circle, the folks gravely mused that they must have been plotting how to dispose of all of them. Time seemed to stretch indefinitely, anxiety and tension palpable in the air.

"How will we ever contest against them, anyway? Even if all of us teamed up, there is little to no guarantee that we would win. There really is no option except to wait for death to come," one of the cultivators stated numbly, resigned at the inevitable fact that their time has run out in their realm.

With no more encouraging ideas, most of the people had hung their heads in despondency and misery. Even the more hopeful ones had st

ser towards the line-up of women, the young man sighed exasperatedly before cockily standing with his hands perched on his waist. "I cannot wait to be intimate with these girls. Hey, how about I take several of them to the grass and leave all of you here to handle the situation?" the man asked, full of eagerness and unprecedented hunger.

"Mysterious Nether World was such a boring place and I have not seen a woman for a long time," the young warrior whined before facing his fellow cultivators. "Being intimate with these women never came at a better time. I really cannot wait to make my fantasies into a reality."

Rubbing his hands together with a vulgar intent, he once again stared at the dozens of young female cultivators from the Violet Orchid Empire while his vile thoughts made his grin wider.

One of the members sighed at the blatant expression on the face of one of his members. "Really?"

"Although your passion for women is admirable, you must exhibit more patience. It is no wonder that you are the expert on relationships in our Kingdom."

A young man in gray robes chastised him which made the other man rub his nape absentmindedly.

Before they could continue their talk, they noticed a slight disturbance coming from the line-up of men.

Running out of the pile of men, a man with great stature rushed out and kneeled down beside the nine high-level cultivators. The man continuously touched the ground with his forehead, imploring for the powerful men to show mercy while he spoke with rushed sentences.

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