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   Chapter 516 Kneel Down Now (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7691

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The atmosphere crackled with energy as the air thickened with mist from the presence of magic and formidable power. With the sudden increase of potent energy around him, Austin slightly shivered but held his ground as he raised his head to look up at the arrival of nine distinct figures who had hovered above him. Straightening his posture and exhaling deeply, Austin schooled his expression into one of seriousness.

Gathering his wits about him, Austin intently focused on the energy fluctuation coming in waves out of the drifting cultivators. Without having to concentrate harder, he had felt their immense potential to destroy by utilizing high-level magic. Gritting his teeth, he estimated that two out of nine were at the primary level of Sky Realm, while four of their members had reached the medium level of Sky Realm. Moreover, three of them had attained the status of the Sky Realm's high level.

Anyone with even an ounce of power in the Violet Orchid Empire knew and understood that directly facing any of them could not just result in loss, but in death. The group of nine figures who hovered ominously was a threat to everyone in that particular moment.

The two men beside him, Graham and Bruce, were just as astonished as the other cultivators of the Empire. The surprise and slight panic from the two were evident in their postures, as well as the fact that they kept nervously switching their gaze from the group and to Austin. Clenching his fist tightly, Austin realized that even two of the ones with the lowest level in the assemblage were much stronger and more powerful than Graham and Bruce, and they were both at the same primary level of Sky Realm.

If worse comes to worst and they ended up battling, Graham and Bruce would not have stood a chance against the two members from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom even if they were supposed to be ranked at the same level. 'And who was going to fight the other seven?' Austin thought and grimaced at the images in his head of a sea filled with the crumpled bodies of his friends and the triumphant yet merciless eyes of the group staring down at him.

"Is this the true power and spirit possessed by the young generation of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom?"

Murmuring to himself, Austin scanned his eyes among the

ated at the Mysterious Realm. 'Well, isn't this a comical scene?' some of them thought humorously.

"Most of you have your cultivation base at the Earth Realm. I cannot say I feel a little bit of pity for such useless cultivators," one of the figures spoke, indifferent at the situation at hand. Another one of them added to the former's observation and spoke with such hilarity and arrogance. "In the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, talented children who managed to cultivate right away have reached the Earth Realm at the age of seven or eight!"

Loud gasps came from the gathered cultivators as they took offense from the statement but remained quiet as their fear for them was greater. 'How arrogant of them to speak this way...' some of them silently and bitterly reflected.

"What on earth made you think you could fight me and win?" the young man in white mocked and crossed his arms across his chest, lifting his head defiantly.

Due to the taunts from the nine figures and most especially from the cultivator clothed with white robes, Austin felt a startlingly strong passion to make them silent through all means possible. Deep in his heart, a fiery purpose had started, desperately wanting to ignite and burn through the belittlement asserted by the group to him.

"The man who admitted to perishing the life of Chauncy shall be tortured first," one of the men declared, beckoning Austin with a lazy glance. "If my brothers are fully satisfied with your suffering, it will only be then that you are allowed to die."

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