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   Chapter 515 Cultivators Of Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom Appear

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9256

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Maria walked up to Austin and said with a hint of jealousy, "Austin, you're so amazing! How did you make a breakthrough in such a short time?"

When she first met Austin in the residence of the emperor's tenth son, both of them were at the premium stage of Earth Realm.

But now Austin had the cultivation base of the Sky Realm. She realized that she would never be a match for him in the vital energy cultivation no matter how hard she cultivated.

"This is the third time that you have come to rescue Anna and me," Iris followed with gratitude.

With a blush on her face, Anna stared at Austin with admiration evident in her eyes. She looked like a maid in love staring at her hero for the first time.

Austin cleared his throat and with a speechless expression, he said, "Come on, guys! Don't look at me that way. This is awkward."

When he was attacked by the five cultivators of the Sky Realm, other warriors kept a distance from him, just watching them fight.

But Dewey, Maria, Iris and Anna had stood behind him in support, which touched him.

"Oh, by the way, what's going on here? Why did all these people gather in this valley?" Austin continued.

Since he had been with the Flame Emperor, he was ignorant of the event that nine cultivators of Sky Realm from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom had broken into the Mysterious Realm and targeted warriors of the Violet Orchid Empire and massacred them.

The four filled him in on the actions of the nine masters at the Sky Realm from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

After hearing their story, Austin understood why the warriors had gathered together in the valley.

'It turns out that they had intended to work together to deal with the nine skillful martial artists of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, ' he thought.

"What are we going to do, Austin? Should we stay in this valley?"

Maria inquired.

"I see. Nine cultivators of Sky Realm. They are strong, so the battle is going to be tough.

But don't worry.

There is no need to waste time here. Let's get out of here," Austin replied after thinking for a while.

The truth was the nine masters at the Sky Realm were tough opponents to cope with.

But Austin wasn't afraid of them. After all, he was at the medium stage of the Sky Realm.

Besides, he owned a tenth-level ancient evil ape. He thought he stood a chance to defeat the nine cultivators of Sky Realm from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

If the nine cultivators of Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom made a move on him, Austin would fight with them instead of running away.

Although there were fifty-five warriors of Violet Orchid Empire, most of them were at the Earth Realm and some had reached the Mysterious Realm.

In a battle with

I have to go!" Austin replied nonchalantly.

He turned around and left, while Dewey, Maria, Iris and Anna followed behind.

Noticing that Austin was about to leave, Denali gritted her teeth and suddenly said, "I'd like to join you."

"Are you serious?"

Austin was surprised at her proposal. 'She will be safer with me than if she stays here, ' he thought.

"What? Have you got a problem with me joining you?"

Denali fixed her eyes on Austin, although nervous inside.

"If you have made up your mind, then let's go," Austin said, as he turned and kept walking.

Denali was overjoyed.

"You want to leave, you pathetic losers?

Today all the ants and crickets in this valley are all going to die. I'm telling you that you're not going anywhere. You must die, all of you!"

Suddenly a deafening laughter throughout echoed the skies shaking the whole valley.

Thunderous sounds were heard when suddenly nine figures floating in mid-air stopped in front of the cultivators from the Violet Orchid Empire.

Overbearing vital energy force fluctuations rushed out from the nine cultivators' bodies and swept the whole valley like a river flooding the valley in high waves.

They each exuded a strong aura, and with their hands held behind their backs, they looked down at the crowd with contempt and ferocity in their eyes.

They each wore an arrogant expression on their faces, as if they were masters each inspecting his own group of slaves.

"Well, you're not stupid.

You gathered together to go against us.

Well, what a surprise! I can't imagine you lowly ants, a group of weak cultivators even dared to form a resistance against us.

Nevertheless, it is also good that you automatically gathered together, which also relieves us of the painstaking efforts we had of finding each of you one by one."

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