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   Chapter 514 Under The Suspecting Eyes

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8580

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Austin recognized at first glance that the three ghost claws were transformed by the vital energy while the fifteen ghost heads on the claws were transformed by the fifteen ghost souls.

Immediately, something came to his mind. He stretched a spiritual sense chain out from the Soul Sea and winded up five ghost souls on one of the ghost claws then dragged them back to the Soul Sea.

He planned to use the Soul-transforming Skill which he had learned from a book from the Ghost Sect in the Ghost Valley. He had used this skill before and managed to escape from the Ghost-devouring Flag.

Despite the struggle of the five ghost souls, Austin was still able to drag them back to his Soul Sea instantly with the use of his powerful spiritual sense. When the ghost souls were in his Soul Sea, he immediately transformed them.

"Ha ha! Do you have any more ghost souls on your sleeves? Let them out now.

I'm dying for more!"

As Austin laughed, he also started employing his vital energy force to lengthen the vital energy sword. It stabbed right on the headless ghost claw. When the sword got stuck on the body of the headless ghost, golden flames flowed from the sword to the ghost claw.


In a flash, the whole ghost claw blazed up, turned into a black light, and vanished.

It was one of the magical effects of the vital energy sword–once transformed by vital energy, it could be shifted to any shapes, length, or width.

Austin continued this movement until he finished another two ghost claws with his sword. As for all the ghost souls on the claws, he dragged them to his Soul Sea and transformed them into nutrients for his spiritual sense using Soul-transforming Skill.

Seeing that Austin successfully smashed the Evil Spirits Array, the three cultivators of the Sky Realm in the Ghost Sect got scared to death. It never occurred to them that their magic weapon would be destroyed by Austin so easily.

The fifteen ghost souls were the most powerful part of the three ghost claws. If a cultivator was not strong enough to deal with them, they could capture the soul of the said cultivator.

Fortunately, Austin not only had a strong spiritual sense but also learned the Soul-transforming Skill of the Ghost Sect. It was the perfect weapon to deal with the ghost soul.

Aside from that, Austin also cultivated and refined some skills lethal to the ghosts. One of which was the Golden Sun Scripture–a powerful and potent element in the universe.

The second was the Scorching Evil Fire that Austin had refined in his bo

er all, Austin had just broken through the middle-level cultivation of the Sky Realm. Although the vital energy inside him was abundant, he still lacked practical experiences and might not be able to handle his overwhelming power in a short period.

Moreover, he had just started to use the first two steps of the Flame Swordsmanship against his enemies. So, he was still exploring the proficient usage of the vital energy sword and still wouldn't be able to employ the sword skillfully.

In other words, although Austin had made huge progress in his cultivation, he was still short of certain fighting experiences with the cultivators at the Sky Realm.

Thus, he had no intention to hunt those guys down since they had already retreated. He was just relieved that they did.

Aside from the Ghost Sect disciples, Austin was also worried that if he killed the royal troops, he would have a hard time explaining it to the emperor.

After all, the emperor did treat Austin pleasantly, so he needed to endure with the regal folks out of regard and appreciation towards the emperor.

'I guess one cannot do things as he pleases in this world.' Austin smiled bitterly.

"Tin! So, you now have the cultivation base at the Sky Realm?

You are getting cooler and cooler, you know? It's just been a few days that we parted ways, but now you can fight the cultivators of the Sky Realm!

That's awesome, Tin."

After the fight, Dewey couldn't help walking toward Austin as he asked those questions. His eyes were obviously measuring Austin up and down carefully as if the latter was a monster.

Austin saw Dewey's eyes studying him and he got extremely nervous under the latter's suspecting eyes.

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