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   Chapter 513 Evil Spirits Array

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"Oh, so we have made a decision that you fight me together at the same time, right?" Austin asked.

After he heard the reply of the demonic young man with scorpion tattoos on his head, Austin did not get flustered, but smiled and respectably cupped his fist.

"Austin Lin, if you take out all the treasures and benefits that you have obtained from the Emperor Library, and give us all of them, we may let you have a share. Otherwise, you cannot leave this valley today," the young man with scorpion tattoos said in a sinister manner, while slowly stepping forward. At the same time, the other cultivators in the Sky Realm moved in anticipation to block all the possible routes Austin could use to retreat. All three of them gave off a powerful aura from their bodies.

Seeing what was happening, Bruce and Graham also went forward immediately synchronizing their vital energy force flooding out aiming at Austin. The two were now ready to fight with Austin as well.

Bruce and Graham had been slightly injured just earlier when they fought against Austin. But they both took out some healing pills and swallowed them. Instantly, they recovered and their faces looked normal, no longer having the pale hue.

Obviously, the healing pills they had taken were very effective.

"Austin, this valley is where you will lose your life!" Graham said to Austin.

He held his golden spear, with his hair flapping against the wind. A powerful vital energy force spread from his body continuously.

"Do you think you are qualified enough to say that?" Austin sneered.

Facing the five cultivators who were in the beginning level of the Sky Realm, Austin's gaze moved slightly sizing his opponents, and then his facial expression turned as sharp as a blade's edge.

Austin formed his two vital energy swords and raised them slowly. His aura, which was at the medium level of the Sky Realm, burst out completely. A slightly golden vital energy surrounded his body. His vital energy force pressure spread in all directions centered within Austin's body.

In other words, Austin's vital energy force had completely resisted the attack from the other five cultivators. It was a battle of one versus five yet Austin seemed to have the upper hand!

Although Austin had broken through the medium level of the Sky Realm only a few days ago, he was still powerful enough. The reason was that he had absorbed much of the vital energy essence left by the Flame Emperor when he was still alive.


s too advanced for them; it would be difficult for them to catch up with Austin now. In Austin's face, they were not even qualified to fight against him.

The cruel facts made cultivators such as Leo, Caden and others look pale and depressed.

At the center of the battle, the five cultivators at the beginning level of the Sky Realm had launched their own destructive attacks. Swift and fierce attacks by vital energy force were rushing towards Austin with a dreadful whistling sound.

Austin's gaze was as sharp as blades.

Golden flames burst out from his two vital energy swords, the flames looked like small flaming swords and formed an impermeable defensive network of swords in front of Austin's body. Pssss...

All the killing tactics were blocked by the sword radiance.

"Evil Spirits Array!"

The young man with the scorpion tattoos suddenly shouted in a slight voice, as he saw Austin was defending so vigorously.

Instantly, one black evil spirit paw appeared in front of each of the three cultivators at the Sky Realm of the Ghost Sect. Each black evil spirit paw was as big as a land of several acres. At the end of each finger of the evil spirit paws, there was an evil spirit head that had a cruel expression. The sharp teeth could be seen as the evil spirit heads opened their mouths wide.

Three huge giant paws with fifteen evil spirit heads, were surrounded by the aura of the devil spirits. The evil spirit heads making tragic howling tried to bite Austin.

The three evil spirits paws were well organized and coordinated; they had a formation of attack, defense and hiding, as if they had formed a small-type attacking array.

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