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   Chapter 512 The Union Of Five Cultivators Of The Sky Realm

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Clasping tightly those two swords of vital energy, Austin launched the two rays of Spiritual Sword Auras from his Soul Sea. Within a second, the Spiritual Sword Auras flew out and merged with the two swords of vital energy.

Then Austin, without almost any effort smoothly flicked his arm to cross the two swords of vital energy across his chest.


As the crowd gaped with anticipation, the golden spear radiance crashed against the two long pale golden swords on Austin's chest.


A low rumble echoed throughout the valley, and extremely powerful shock waves of vital energy force spread out in rings from the center of impact in front of Austin.

A dozen spectators among the crowd nearby Austin were sent flying upside down, falling to the ground one by one, as if dumplings were being dropped into water.

The duel between the golden spear radiance and the two long pale golden swords only lasted so long before the golden spear radiance exploded into small pieces under Graham's dumbfounded stare. Graham was also blown away, creating a deep, ghastly gorge in the ground.


After what had been quite a while, Graham tried to regain his balance, his eyes widened with shock and his face shadowed with a frightened expression, as if he saw a ghost.

"Austin, you've broken into the Sky Realm, haven't you?" he asked in disbelief. Not only was Graham surprised, but Bruce and the three masters of the Sky Realm, who were from the Ghost Sect, all stared at Austin.

They were all speechless and in utter shock.

All five of them had just clearly sensed that Austin's vital energy force fluctuations had reached the Sky Realm.

To add to their bewilderment, the vital energy force that Austin just released was actually more powerful than theirs, which indicated that Austin's cultivation base might have been the medium stage of Sky Realm!

However, when they saw Austin the other day, his cultivation base was only at the medium stage of Mysterious Realm. Within just a few days his cultivation base had improved from the medium stage of Mysterious Realm to the medium stage of Sky Realm. The speed of his practicing had surpassed that of a genius and it was striking.

It was completely contradictory with what the five powerful men knew.

In shock, the five quickly deduced that Austin's amazing change happened due to the third floor of the Emperor Library.

"What good luck and chance he got on the third floor of the Emperor Library!"

All the five now firmly believed that Austin's breakthrough in a matter of days was because of an incredible opportunity he got on the third floor of the Emperor Library.

For a moment, envy, jealousy, hate, anger, and other negative emotions overwhelmed their straight thinking, especially Bruce and Graham.

As royalty, Bruce and Graham first arrived at the Emperor Library and personally led people to break the energy cover of the library's protection array. But the biggest benefit was obtained by Austin who showed up all of a sudden.

A sense of ut

the goods we get from him."

Bruce's face filled with rage when he was forced to take a few steps back because of Austin's attack. Then he realized that he and Graham had almost no chance of defeating Austin today, let alone getting any advantage over him.

What he thought made sense. After all, everyone saw right in front of their eyes that Austin had beaten them ruthlessly just now with great ease, and didn't have to put in much effort or do his best.

Thus, Bruce reasoned that Austin probably was actually more powerful. Once Austin concentrated on giving in all his force seriously, he and Graham would not have a chance to survive long.

So Bruce thought about it for a while and decided to invite those three strange cultivators of the Sky Realm to team up with them against Austin.

"Oh? They want to gang against me?" Austin murmured, a little astonished at this action.

Then he looked at the five men intently, without uttering anything.

Based on the Flame Swordsmanship's power that he had just performed, Austin judged that even if these five masters of the Sky Realm ganged up on him, he would be able to fight with them. What was more, he had a level-ten diabolic beast ready in his beast-subduing bag.

If he failed to defeat the five men, he could take out the ancient evil ape to unleash attacks on them. In that case, none of the five of the Sky Realm could escape or survive the ordeal.

Now Austin waited to see how the three cultivators from the Ghost Sect would respond to Bruce's suggestion.


We team up against Austin and split the goods?"

Hearing this proposal, the strange-looking young man with a sand scorpion tattoo on his head stood still for a moment.

Apparently, he was the leader among the ten strange young people from the Ghost Sect.

The other two Ghost Sect's cultivators of the Sky Realm also looked at him, expecting a response.

After a moment's reflection, he expressed his views.

"All right. Let's get to work together to kill Austin for once and all!"

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