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   Chapter 511 Making A Move

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Graham suppressed Dewey and the three girls with his Sky Realm vital energy, and now the four of them couldn't move at all.

"If you're smart, tell me where Austin is and give me all the things that you got from the hall. Otherwise, today I will teach you a lesson you will never forget.

Come on! I'm not that patient!"

Graham urged, pacing impatiently.

"If you want to know where Tin is, just find him by yourself!

Besides, we got those things from the hall by chance. That means we are lucky. Why should we give them to you? Are you going to rob us in broad daylight?

Even if you work for the imperial family, you are going too far!"

At such a critical moment, Dewey surprisingly showed strength of character and backbone and refused to yield to Graham.

Maria, Iris and Anna all looked dissatisfied with Graham's demands.

"You're all so stubborn!

I'll tell you why you should give everything to me.

Austin injured the imperial cultivators and robbed the treasures that belonged to the imperial family. That is a blatant provocation of the imperial family and a public challenge; he therefore, committed a capital offense.

Since you're his companions, you should be regarded as accomplices and an accessory to his crimes.

Hmph! Anyone who dares to challenge the authority of the imperial family commits a capital offense and must be sentenced to death!

I'll teach you a good lesson that you will never forget and dare not offend us again!"

Graham said with an absolutely arrogant and condescending attitude. He summoned his vital energy force and formed it into a wall before violently pushing it towards Dewey and his friends.

Graham didn't use any special skills when he released the vital energy force wall, because He didn't think it was necessary to use any special skills to deal with the four, and he was confident that his vital energy was enough to suppress them to death.

The vital energy of the Sky Realm cultivators was indeed astonishing and powerful!

The moment the vital energy force wall was released, a whirl wind swirled carrying everything in its wake including sand and gravel, dead leaves and branches and threw into the air, like there was a level ten typhoon! All the sand, stones, dead twigs and withered leaves hit Dewey and the girls.

Standing at the center of the storm, the four felt their bodies being held down by a powerful force. They could neither move nor summon their vital energy.

They knew in their minds that if they were hit by the vital energy force wall, they would be seriously injured even though they could survive. However, since they were unable to move at all, they could do nothing. They were trapped like meat on the chopping board waiting to be sliced.

While wallowing in despair, they heard a strong wind making sounds in the air as if splitting wood.

Suddenly a figure a

o hell!"

Graham shouted and rushed towards Austin with a momentum of vital energy force, with his spear aimed like a beam of golden light towards Austin. Where it passed, deep furrows appeared in the ground, like a furious python winding its way forward.

As Graham had been in a rage before releasing his vital energy force, his thrust contained a level ten spear intent!

Obviously, Graham had put a lot of efforts on his martial arts cultivation, and now he had comprehended a level ten spear intent. It was an incredible achievement among the young cultivators of the Violet Orchid Empire.

Seeing that Austin wasn't affected by the Sky Realm vital energy force they had released, Graham and Bruce realized that he might have something special about him.

Before, when Austin showed up and blocked the vital energy force wall, he had only used about twenty percent of his vital energy force, so nobody figured out that he had reached the medium stage of Sky Realm.

From looking at the vital energy force stream, Bruce and Graham thought that Austin was only at the medium stage of Mysterious Realm.

The golden spear-lights were fast approaching. However, Austin didn't dodge but stared at them calmly, not even blinking his eyes.

"You have no chance of survival!"

Graham shouted with a vicious grin. He suddenly shook his arm, and the spear hit toward Austin's head like a golden dragon, emanating a powerful energy.

"Tin, be careful!"

"Tin, watch out!"

"Austin, get out of there!" "Ah!" Dewey and the three girls shouted in fear.

Iris and Anna were afraid that they would see Austin's head smashed in the next second, so they covered their eyes.

"Phew! Phew!"

With two faint sounds, two swords with flame clusters appeared in Austin's palms.

They were all about three feet long and each of them was emanating with a strong vital energy force. These were two vital energy swords.

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