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   Chapter 510 Austin's Location

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9188

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Four people stood at the entrance to a valley with hesitation written all over their faces.

"Do you think we should go inside and meet these people?

I heard that there are members of the royal family inside, with Bruce and Graham in the lead. Should we? Should we not?

We have several secret manuals about martial arts with us. What if Graham and Bruce give us a hard time and force us to give them those secret manuals?

On the other hand, if we don't join them, we might have to face the nine masters of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom alone. In that case we would be killed instantly because we don't stand any chance of defeating cultivators at the Sky Realm," Dewey pondered with a troubled look on his face.

The remaining three of the group were Maria, Iris and Anna.

Since the four had discovered some martial skills inside, they had wasted no time in leaving the Emperor Library to avoid the members of the royal family.

Recently, they had heard the news of the nine cultivators at the Sky Realm who were from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom and were slaying warriors of the Violet Orchid Empire.

Therefore, they had agreed on joining the group of cultivators from the Violet Orchid Empire to survive.

But when they arrived at the valley where this group was staying, they came to know that Bruce and Graham had become the leaders of this group. The four wavered in their decision now.

After all, they had offended the members of the royal family inside the Emperor Library. They were unsure and worried that these people would get back at them and force them to hand over the secret manuals about the fifth-grade or sixth-grade martial arts.

None of the four was willing to give up those manuals since they meant a lot to them and would help them immensely.

However, Bruce and Graham had a cultivation base at the Sky Realm, while Dewey, Maria, Iris, and Anna were all at the Earth Realm.

It was impossible for them to knock down such powerful opponents.

As a result, the four were in a dilemma, not knowing what to do.

"Got any ideas?"

Dewey asked his friends, pacing back and forth anxiously.

"Stop acting like that. It's so annoying."

Maria whined at his incessant pacing and anxiousness.

"Where is Austin?

If he was with us, everything would be okay," Iris cut in with a sigh.

She was somehow, dependent completely on Austin. She had a feeling that they would be safe when he was around.

"I think we'd better go into the valley.

If we meet the nine martial artists from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, we're going to be as good as dead.

Although we have had a conflict with the members of the royal family inside the Emperor Library, I don't thin

ses, blood had seeped out from their mouths now.

As the four's faces turned deathly pale, their vital energy forces seemed to be suppressed, and they had trouble even lifting their fingers.

They hadn't expected that Bruce and Graham would be so fearless and embarrass them in front of the others.

The ten wicked young cultivators from the Ghost Sect joined them.

Austin was the only one who had reached the third floor in the Emperor Library. Everyone knew clearly that the most valuable secret manuals about martial arts had been hidden on the third floor and believed that Austin was much more likely to have gotten his hands on them.

Considering the fact that the secret manuals on the second floor were all about the seventh-grade martial arts, they speculated that the ones about the eighth-grade martial arts would be on the third floor.

For the cultivators in the Violet Orchid Empire, eighth-grade martial arts skills only existed in legend and were never seen.

They were convinced that a person who had mastered the martial skills of that grade could rule the entire Violet Orchid Empire.

Therefore, Bruce, Graham, and the three cultivators of the Sky Realm from the Ghost Sect, all wanted to know Austin's location.

That was also why Graham and Bruce were forcing Dewey and the three girls to tell them where Austin was regardless of the presence of so many warriors from the Violet Orchid Empire.

The two only had one thought in their mind and that was to find Austin and take the secret manuals about eighth-grade martial skills from him.

At this point, Austin was standing in front of the valley. He had sensed what was going on inside the valley through his spiritual sense.

He sneered in contempt.

'Looks like Bruce and Graham are dying to know my location, ' he thought.

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