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   Chapter 509 Massacre The Martial Artists in Violet Orchid Empire (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5871

Updated: 2019-07-21 00:04

Especially, when Bruce and Graham showed their cultivation base of the Sky Realm, every single martial artist from Violet Orchid Empire was shocked and even Leo, Caden, Wilson, and a few other disciples who were known to be outstanding did not dare to disagree with them.

In this way, a group of 60, led by Bruce and Graham, formed itself in face of such powerful opponents, and began preparing to fight the nine martial artists of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. . . .

Austin was utilizing his bodily movement skills to move in a prairie inside the Mysterious Nether World.

Ever since he had taken the ancient evil ape down and got the soul-recovering fruit, Austin had started to search for Dewey and his other friends.

At the same time, he had also been using his vital energy from time to time to try and jump into midair, hoping to learn the skill of flying in the air.

He knew that when the martial artists' cultivation base reached the Mysterious Realm, they could fly with the help of their vital energy, but the distance that they could cover was very short, and the speed with which they flew was also very slow.

The speed at which Austin could move by using his Wind-commanding Skill was much faster than that, and therefore, even after he had reached the Mysterious Realm, he had not tried this ability.

However, his cultivation base had reached the Sky Realm now, which meant his speed would have also increased. Now, he was repeatedly trying to fly up into the air, as he wanted to know how long he could fly, and just how fast.

After activating his vital energy and letting it flow over his entire body, Austin leaped onto the top of a large tree, then kicked the tip of a tree with his toes and shot into the ai

e two flaming swords made out of vital energy, Austin rushed into a dense forest nearby and slashed at the trees.

"Swoosh..." "Swoosh..."

More than a dozen towering trees, all of them so thick that it would have taken four or five people to fully encircle them with their arms were slashed from the middle due to his sword aura.

"Boom..." With an earth-shattering noise, a fire began to engulf the dense forest and quickly spread over its entire area.

In the blink of an eye, the whole forest was engulfed in flames.

Inside the forest, birds started flying about and animals started running away. The whole area had become as active and noisy as a pot of boiling water.

Looking at the unrelenting scene in front of him, Austin also marveled over how destructive the swords made out of vital energy could be with the help of the source energy of the Scorching Evil Fire.

After putting the two swords of vital energy away, Austin suddenly widened his eyes.

"Oh! What a coincidence!

I hadn't expect them to be here, too."

As it happened, Austin's spiritual sense suddenly sensed that a few people—Dewey, Maria, Iris and Anna—were close-by.

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