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   Chapter 508 Massacre The Martial Artists in Violet Orchid Empire (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6141

Updated: 2019-07-20 00:14

Sitting atop one of the several peaks of the Mysterious Nether World, nine young martial artists from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom were discussing how to kill all the martial artists of Violet Orchid Empire.

"Everyone. Learn and remember what this man looks like. He's the one who killed Chauncy."

One of the young men, clad in white, warned everyone. Then he waved his right hand and a virtual human form appeared in front of him. The figure looked extremely lifelike, and there was an emphasized clarity about his features.

If Austin were here, he would have been highly surprised, because this hologram of a figure looked exactly like him.

"I got a message from Chauncy as soon as I entered the Mysterious Nether World. This is the man who killed him and we need to get revenge.

The Deputy Island Owner hopes that you all can catch him alive. However, if that is not possible, you are welcome to kill him.

He wants to see this man at his feet, dead or alive.

If you do that, the Deputy will reward you honestly. I don't have to remind you all just how rich we are at Snowy Island, do I?"

"All right. By the way, I heard that Chauncy, who was the first person to enter the Mysterious Nether World, was also the only personal disciple of the deputy island owner. Is that true?"

Another man asked.

"It is true. The deputy island owner loved Chauncy so much that he not only brought him up but also let him be his personal disciple.

You see. What happened was, one day after Chauncy entered the Mysterious Nether World, the deputy found that his spirit Jade Badge had been broken.

Seeing that, the seniors responsible for opening the entrance of the Mysterious Nether World thought it was very dangerous to send young disciples who had just reached the Mysterious Realm to this place, so they s

ength who were going on, slaughtering the martial artists of Violet Orchid Empire. It was said that even people from the premium stage of the Mysterious Realm were all defeated in one move when faced by these masters.

After they heard the news, everyone began to feel frightened. All the martial artists from Violet Orchid Empire began to form teams now, trying to find a chance at defeating these masters through strength in number.

Two days later, almost all of them had voluntarily come together to form a troop of about sixty people. There were still people who were spread about right now, but a majority was in the group now.

Even the ten people from Ghost Sect joined the team this time. Although their three masters had reached the Sky Realm but they knew that they couldn't beat the nine guys on their own. So they decided to get an opportunity of doing the same by coagulating with the larger group.

Of course, so far, only Austin knew that these ten people were disciples of the Ghost Sect. No one else knew their real identity because they had concealed their abilities till now.

The disciples from the imperial royal family soon became the leaders of this team, owing to their superior strength.

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