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   Chapter 506 Tame The Ancient Evil Ape (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6893

Updated: 2019-07-19 00:14

The earth shook. A terrifying noise sounded with the thump of the ancient evil ape. An enormous deep pit was being formed under the monster's feet. To Austin's surprise, the pit was at least six meters wide and ten meters deep. As if that wasn't bad enough, numerous crevices formed at the center of the pit and sprawled out as far as possible to constitute a wide web of cracks. Most of the cracks were at least one meter wide.

The ancient evil ape stood steady, its monstrous body moving freely and flexibly in the spacious pit. With an arrogant gaze, it measured the young man standing before it with sheer contempt.

"Human! What a tiny creature! You're daring and defiant, young boy. The best way to end your meaningless life is to tramp you into meat paste. I'm sorry, I cannot come up with any better idea.

I pity you, boy, as nothing of you will remain intact once I bring my foot down on your weak body. Your bones will shatter into ashes and your meat will be crushed into a paste."

Then, the ancient evil ape murmured to itself, " I don't think it will taste good as it will be mingled with sand and dirt. I'm going to feel disappointed. I hate it. But this is the only way. Do you know how long I've been longing for a bumper meal of human flesh? Centuries! I miss the taste. Damn it! The meal will be ruined!

All right, maybe I'll pass this time. I'll catch several demonic beasts for my meal instead even though they're not that tasty. They're coarse and smelly animals. But I have no choice. I have to feed myself."

The ancient evil ape seemed less furious now. All of a sudden, it raised one of its legs and strode out of the deep pit, its dramatic movement causing the fringe of the pit to collapse again.

It patted and shook the dirt off its fur and got ready to leave. The next moment, however, it froze and its eyes widened. It just stared ahead, forgetting what it had wanted to do.

Its barrel-sized eyes were glued to the ground, its mouth agape as if having seen something unbelievable. And it was something unbeliev

-subduing Skill Array off.

It let out another furious roar at the array above his head.

But this time, there was a hint of fear in its roar, too. For the first time in its life, this fierce animal was afraid to make a move. It instinctively sensed danger from this strange web shrouded in a mysterious aura. It wanted to run but it seemed impossible for it to escape the web. In a fit of desperation, it let out a series of roars to show its wrath and strength. Clenching both its fists, the ape suddenly leaped toward the Beast-subduing Skill Array and hit it with all its energy.

The air surrounded by the Beast-subduing Skill Array condensed into layers of an invisible shield. The fierce force generated from the movement of the ancient evil ape's fists momentarily broke the shield into pieces before it magnetized together again. Clusters of air seethed in the sky with an explosive sound under the monster's ceaseless attacks. As a result of the confrontation between two different kinds of energy, a huge mushroom cloud was formed in the air.

The Beast-subduing Skill Array was a special weapon. In addition to its mysterious powers, it had been refined through Austin's spiritual sense energy. Combined with the two kinds of strength, the array was practically invincible. So in spite of the ancient evil ape's violent attacks, the array remained intact.

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