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   Chapter 485 Confrontation

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10019

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Philip was standing beside a good-looking man in his early twenties. The young man in his yellow robe radiated a graceful aura and a golden folding fan was in his hand.

"Philip, you were supposed to be loyal to Prince Reuben! You knew very well that those people are supporting the Grand Prince, yet, you still took their side.

How do you plan on explaining it to Prince Reuben?"

Maria shouted at Philip.

"As the saying goes, 'Man struggles upwards, water flows downwards.'

The Grand Prince is the most sociable and powerful among the ten princes. I am certain that he would sit on the throne one day. I cannot work for Prince Reuben if I want to gain the Grand Prince's good side.

Besides, Prince Reuben favors Austin over me. I feel like he doesn't value me anymore, so there's no point for me to follow him," Philip defended himself.

"It's clear that he has betrayed Prince Reuben. Don't waste time on him. He's disgusting and I don't want to see his face anymore!"

Dewey sneered with repulsion.

A crooked, stern look flashed in Philip's eyes.

He moved closer to the young man in yellow and whispered in his ear. As he spoke, he studied Maria from head to toe with his lewd eyes.

Maria didn't like the look that Philip just gave her, and she had a bad feeling about it.

"Let's get out of here, Maria, before Philip gets us into any trouble," Dewey whispered to Maria.

The maid obediently nodded her head and quickly followed Dewey towards the woods.

"Stop them!" the young man in yellow robe ordered.

Immediately, seven cultivators swarmed towards Dewey and Maria and stopped them from leaving. Dewey and Maria abruptly stopped and were forced to step back. Then, the seven cultivators pushed them back to join Philip and the young man in a yellow robe.

As Dewey assessed, the seven cultivators who blocked their way were at the premium stage of the Earth Realm.

These seven cultivators were being led by a brawny young man in purple who had reached the preliminary stage of the Mysterious Realm.

Despite being at the premium stage of the Earth Realm, Dewey and Maria were still at the disadvantage in this situation. Aside from being outnumbered, they were also outpowered given that one of these cultivators was at the preliminary stage of the Mysterious Realm. If they fought back, they would surely not stand a chance.

"Hahaha! You're Maria Wu, right?

You may not be that appealing, but I like your sexy body. You can still satisfy our needs.

Well, I initially planned to let you go.

But then I heard you two were closely related to Austin.

That brat is just a nobody of low birth, yet he defied the Grand Prince. His arrogance and cockiness had brought him the wrath of the Grand Prince.

The Grand Prince ordered us to execute him in the Mysterious Nether World.

And since you now know about our plans, we might as well kill you here before you could even warn Austin!

But as for you Maria, I'm co

"You really have no respect towards people with power! Who do you think you are? You're just a peasant, no one!

I'll make you regret being alive this day!"

He trembled with fury. No one had ever dared to offend him especially in front of his servants and people.

Going ballistic, he commanded his men, "What are you waiting for? Seize this man immediately!"

As the son of the Hand of the Orchid Empire King, he felt insulted and embarrassed. He wouldn't let a lowborn person like Austin treat him like that. 'If I didn't teach this brat a hard lesson, I would be the laughingstock, ' he thought. His rage knew no boundaries this time.

Four of his men obediently acknowledged the order. These four cultivators were giving off dangerous vibes. Judging by the vital energy force emitting from their body, it was safe to conclude that they were at the premium stage of the Earth Realm.

More than that, these four cultivators would potentially breakthrough to the Mysterious Realm.

But despite their strength, they were still no match for Austin. After all, he had already reached the medium stage of Mysterious Realm. The four cultivators, however, had underestimated Austin. They couldn't see through his real cultivation base because he had compressed his vital energy. This could all be like a child's play to Austin.

Austin smiled faintly and took a stride forward to fight with his enemies.

As Austin made his move, the four cultivators had activated their powerful martial arts skills. Their strong and aggressive vital energy force spread in all directions.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In an instant, the four cultivators were violently pushed backward. Austin's applied force was so strong that the four cultivators' bodies were pushed a little deeper into the ground and left four slightly deep long drag marks on the ground.

Their fall was so hard that they felt like their body parts were dislocated. They struggled to stand up and fight back but failed.

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