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   Chapter 484 Heading To The Middle Circle

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The seventh and eighth-grade martial arts skills were very precious and rare. Even the Peripatetic Sect, the most powerful one of the five major sects, had no such high-grade martial arts manuals in their possession.

In the five major sects of the Violet Orchid Empire, high graded martial arts skills had been regarded as the treasures of each sect, and only the best principal disciples could learn and practice them.

The seventh and eighth-grade martial arts skills were things that were only heard in legends.

So when Iris and Anna heard that there were such martial arts skills in the Emperor Library, their eyes glowed in excitement.

"Well, in that case, let's hurry up and try our luck in the Emperor Library, or we'll be outrun by others and left out with nothing."

Austin was also looking forward to getting his hands on such high-grade martial arts skills.

So far, the highest grade martial arts skill Austin had practiced was the Overlord Body-refining Formula, which, according to what Lois had said, was a grade seven martial arts skill handed down from her ancestors.

However, after he had succeeded in practicing the fifth stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula, he had always felt that there was something incomplete with the formula.

Austin speculated that the formula he acquired was not the complete and refined variant. If it was not, there should be some higher levels of cultivation manuals beyond the fifth stage.

The Overlord Body-refining Formula he was practicing was an incomplete grade seven martial arts skill. So he was eager to go to the middle circle too, for a complete one laid in the Emperor Library. Acquiring it would make all the risks he had taken in the Mysterious Nether World worthwhile.

"Okay, let's go."

Austin waved to Iris and Anna and headed for the middle circle of the Mysterious Nether World. Although the girls knew that a greater danger awaited ahead, they were not afraid at all. Austin's formidable strength assured them of their safety. They believed that they could overcome any threat and make it to the Emperor Library. With that in mind, they quickly followed him.

The Mysterious Nether World was vast and wide, with massive mountain ranges and primeval forests in its surroundings. Diverse landforms included rivers, grasslands, and swamps. It was a paradise for diabolic beasts whose roar could be heard from far away.

On their way to the middle circle, they encountered a lot of fierce diabolic beasts, among which were some rare and even extinct species in the outside world. The diabolic beasts were so ferocious that Austin and his partners' advancing speed were slowed down a lot by the beasts' attacks.

Once, as they were passing through grassland, the ground suddenly opened and three huge cracks appeared in front of them. Three giant insects with dozens of meters long rushed out of the crevice. Their huge and ferocious mouths, full of smelly poisonous saliva, tried to swallow Austin and his partners in one gulp.

The three giant insects were all fifth-level diabolic beasts.

Fortunately, Austin was able to sense them even before they broke out of the ground. He used the Wind-commanding Skill and

rom the imperial royal family, pure-blooded and distinguished in status.

You lowly commoners! You don't deserve to be our equal, let alone be in the same place!

Do you really think that our emperor uncle will punish us for robbing you of some herbs?

I really can't understand why he has allowed so many lowly common men into the Mysterious Nether World.

The Mysterious Nether World has always been owned by our imperial royal family. Everything here belongs to us. You don't deserve to be in this place!

Ha! You can't take any of these herbs with you.

Hey! My patience is short. Hurry, and hand those herbs to us," a young man in black ordered arrogantly.

"Dewey, we're outnumbered. Let's just have it their way.

Give them the herbs. We'll be able to collect some new ones on our way," the woman explained to the man beside her.

She was well aware of their situation.

The two besieged were Dewey and Maria, who belonged to the Youngest Prince Reuben's camp.

Looking at the more than 20 young cultivators from the imperial royal family around him, Dewey touched his Space Ring which stored all the herbs he had collected since he entered the Mysterious Nether Word. He had worked hard and risked his life to fight many diabolic beasts and gather the herbs, among which were even precious sixth-grade herbs. He'd rather die than hand over all of them.

Although unwilling to do so, Dewey knew that they would never let them leave unless he would surrender the herbs. After all, there were more than 20 of them, and he and Maria were obviously outnumbered.

So after he struggled internally, Dewey finally gave in. He gritted his teeth and looked at Maria. Both of them took out all the herbs they had collected and placed them on the ground. Then they both turned around, hoping to leave the place.

"Wait a minute. You can't just go now!"

Just as Dewey and Maria were about to leave, a voice was suddenly heard.

"Phillip, what do you want?"

Dewey turned and looked at the young man in black. He had a long radiant sword hanging on his back. It was Phillip, who also came from Prince Reuben's camp.

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