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   Chapter 483 The Emperor Library

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The Scorching Evil Fire on Austin's finger was as red as blood. Suddenly, the fire doubled in size and began to spread rapidly. The once soft, almost calming fire was now fierce, untamed and dangerous. The flame danced swiftly engulfing everything within its reach. In just the blink of an eye, everything had been swept into the fire.

Austin crouched down to prepare and launched himself into the sky like an arrow at full speed. The fire danced wildly on his right palm. He quickly approached a gigantic rock and without hesitation, he raised his hand and hurled a fireball directly at it.

The flame immediately engulfed the rock. Under the flame, the rock melted into a waft of hazy smoke; not a fragment left behind. Beneath where the rock was, a huge, deep pit formed. It was filled with boiling magma, seething with thick smoke and a loud roar.


Austin inhaled a huge breath of the hot air, clearing his head. He then lowered his head, fixing his eyes on the huge pit he just created as a mischievous smile spread across his face. He was satisfied with the power of the Scorching Evil Fire. In fact, it exceeded his expectations.

"Master, the Scorching Evil Fire is more powerful than we imagined. It's invincible."

Violet stared at the deep pit and the seething magma with open-mouthed wonder. She never expected that such a tiny flame could possess such marvelous power.

"That's it. The true way to manifest the Scorching Evil Fire's power is to find the right tamer. The tamer's capabilities will determine the extent of the power of the Scorching Evil Fire. Angus told me this is the true secret to its power.

I am far from being strong enough to activate the fire's full energy.

But I believe that I can increase my abilities."

Austin said with confidence.

Austin summoned the flame back into his body. Then something strange occurred.

The moment when the fire retracted back into Austin's body, he and Violet simultaneously found that the fire also went out when he did this.

'Did all this happen because I summoned back the Scorching Evil Fire into my body?

Does this explain everything that happened in Fire Valley?'

Austin was stunned.

Since Austin had tamed the Scorching Evil Fire, he had no intention to linger any longer than he needed to in the valley. After Violet had gone into the Illu

We will continue to learn and grow more in the second circle."

Austin said in a measured tone while looking directly at the entrance of the Mysterious Nether World.

"We'll access the second circle and find the soul-recovering fruit there. That's our next goal.

Then we'll go to the Emperor Library to find secret books for advanced martial skills!"

"The Emperor Library?"

Iris and Anna had already known that the soul-recovering fruit was kept in the second circle of the Mysterious Nether World, but they had never heard of the Emperor Library. This was news to them.

"Yes, the Emperor Library. It is located in the second circle of the Mysterious Nether World. It houses many books for advanced martial skills.

If we're lucky enough, we can even find some books for martial skills at the seventh or eighth levels."

Austin announced confidently. He had recently learned all about the realm of the Mysterious Nether World from Angus. He recorded it in his Soul Sea and, compared to the simple notes made by the Pure Dream Convent ancestor from his short, shallow experience in the Mysterious Nether World, the information in Austin's Soul Sea was an encyclopedia and very informative.

There was no denying that Austin had mastered everything one needed to know about the Mysterious Nether World.

"Martial skills at the seventh and eighth levels?" Iris and Anna were startled by this. Neither of them was jealous by nature, but they could not help it when it came to advancing their martial skills.

Austin could read the envy in their voices.

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