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   Chapter 482 Refine The Scorching Evil Fire

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The Golden Sun Scripture Austin had activated was masculine. The golden vital energy that rapidly flew on Austin's body formed a layer to protect him from any harm.

When the Scorching Evil Fire sensed Austin's spiritual soul, it made a move to defend itself. But it wasn't hostile towards the intruder.

As it continued to swell up, it formed a head-sized scarlet fire and tossed itself towards Austin. It gave off a strong heat as it floated in front of him. Despite Austin's high cultivation base, he was still having some difficulty in defending himself from the overwhelming power the evil fire was releasing.

The temperature surrounding Austin increased tenfold as it reached several hundred degrees Celsius.

The water started to vaporize in the air because of the increasing temperature.

"No pain, no gain! Make or break!"

Austin muttered, fixing his eyes on the Scorching Evil Fire.

Readying himself to absorb the evil fire, he opened his mouth.


Austin then swallowed the head-sized Scorching Evil Fire.

As he completely swallowed the Scorching Evil Fire, he shut his mouth. At first, he felt nothing. But after a while, his body began to tremble violently. His face turned deadly pale as if he had been struck by lightning.

He concentrated his mind to endure the seemingly unbearable pain caused by the fire. He closed his eyes and activated his spiritual sense power to see what was going on inside his body.

He spotted the scarlet fire running through his body aimlessly, burning everything that was on its way.

Even the golden vital energy inside the energy meridians was destroyed by the overwhelming evil fire.

Due to the high temperature, the meridians deflated like balloons.

This caused excruc

A day had passed and nothing unusual happened.

Thanks to Violet who kept an eye on Austin, he could focus on taming the Scorching Evil Fire. Austin finally opened his eyes which were sparkling with great joy.

After spending a whole day with it, he finally was able to control and refine the Scorching Evil Fire. From now on, the Scorching Evil Fire which ranked third among the Unearthly Fires belonged to him.

The rapture he felt was beyond words.

It was a day full of surprises indeed. Aside from taming the Scorching Evil Fire, he had also managed to subdue it. If without Angus' help, he wouldn't have gotten to the bottom of the Fire Valley and met the evil fire, not to mention tame and refine it.

"Master, you have refined the Scorching Evil Fire, haven't you?"

Violet asked with delight.

Austin nodded in confirmation. He got up and stretched his body, cracking his bones since he had been sitting all day.

He then reached out his arm and extended his index finger. He concentrated his mind until a scarlet fire emerged on the tip of his finger and rose slowly.

He uttered spells under his breath.

Then he said casually, "Explode!"

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