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   Chapter 481 Making A Spiritual Sign

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The bright scarlet Scorching Evil Fire lay in the crack which was about a meter wide on the ground. It was crackling and sparks were flying everywhere.

Austin gazed at the scarlet flame as he stood by the crack, not even daring to take a reckless move as he contemplated how to go about this dilemma.

The Unearthly Fire, it was said, was like dynamite, which needed to be treated with great caution, for it would produce a violent and destructive force if triggered accidentally.

The pale white light that had just led him the way was now suspended above the Scorching Evil Fire, as if it was waiting for Austin's next move.

Austin observed that the Scorching Evil Fire remained quiet and safe despite of his proximity. It was all because of the pale white light which was suspended above it. He was sure that without it, the Scorching Evil Fire would have consumed him in seconds. How much more dangerous if it was an ignorant person who would carelessly approach it.

Austin tried to recall several times the method of collecting the fire, which Angus had put into his Soul Sea.

Actually, the method was very simple and easy to follow. It only consisted of three steps.

First of all, Austin must merge the soul aura which Angus had left behind in his Soul Sea with his soul. This would create a sort of camouflage for Austin because his soul would contain a little bit of Angus' aura. It was a perfect method to hide his aura.

Then, he must make a spiritual sign in the Scorching Evil Fire.

And finally, Austin needed only to absorb the Scorching Evil Fire into his body and refine it.

After reviewing the method a few times in his head and making sure there were no mistakes, Austin sat down crossed-legged on the ground. Of course, Austin tried his best to be quiet and gentle, or else he might disturb the Scorching Evil Fire beside him. Any unnecessary and false move might trigger the flames and its destructive power. If that should ever happen, then he would definitely be burned into ashes in just a few minutes.

Sitting cross-legged, Austin took a gentle deep breath before he began. He first wrapped Angus' soul aura and infused it with his spiritual sense in his Soul Sea. This required extreme concentration, so Austin closed his mind off from his surroundings and focused at the task at hand.

Thankfully, the first step went fairly smooth.


l sense, inch by inch, as slowly and softly as possible towards the Scorching Evil Fire.

He tried once, twice, three times... After Austin tried several times, the Scorching Evil Fire finally lowered its guard against Austin's spiritual sense.

After all, there was Angus' aura in the spiritual sense.

Finally, the trace of spiritual sense melted into the fire and made a sign in it.

With the appearance of the sign, Austin suddenly felt a peculiar connection with the Scorching Evil Fire—he could actually communicate with it through his mind. It was a weird feeling but Austin eventually got used to it.


Austin let out a long sigh of relief. The second step was successfully completed. His patience paid off in the end.

It was really thanks to Angus' soul breath that the Scorching Evil Fire finally accepted Austin's spiritual sense.

Then there was the last step—to absorb the Scorching Evil Fire into his body!

Austin communicated with the Scorching Evil Fire with his mind and then instructed the spiritual sign inside the fire to slowly float towards him.

In the process, the Scorching Evil Fire seemed to have sensed that something was amiss. Its scarlet flame began to billow slowly, expanding wide in the blink of an eye, and it slowly released out a stream of energy which frightened Austin.

With the terrifying energy sent out of the Scorching Evil Fire, Austin's clothes were instantly incinerated and turned into ashes in the blink of an eye. Austin didn't even have enough time to react in order to protect himself. Everything happened so fast.

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