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   Chapter 480 Find The Scorching Evil Fire

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Austin's strength was in the medium stage of Mysterious Realm, as compared to his peers he was far beyond the expected stage of his realm, coupled with the vital energy stone in his elixir field, he hardly needed to worry about the depletion of his vital energy. Austin believed that with his current level of skills set even if he was pitted and had to fight against hundreds of level six fire beasts in the battle, he could probably not win, however, he would probably still hold them off for a pretty long time before losing life soon with the strength that he possessed.

The life-and-death kind of battle was actually the best trial for a cultivator to make improvements in their fighting skills. If Austin fought with hundreds of level six fire beasts, he was assured of laying a solid foundation for further improvement of his practical combat abilities, practical combat experience and future cultivation.

If it had been years ago, Austin would have chosen a less taxing battle in which he was guaranteed an easy win.

But in the battle he was currently involved in, Austin had a hard time suppressing the surging and tumbling fighting spirit in his chest, since it was now almost second nature for him to fight with all his might. He had to restrain himself since the main purpose of his visit to the Fire Valley was for the Scorching Evil Fire. If he continued to consume too much mental energy here, he would not be in his optimum and this would inadvertently affect the collection and refining of the Scorching Evil Fire.

Although the Scorching Evil Fire had been tamed and controlled by Angus, and Angus had also taught him the method of collecting and refining the fire in detail, maintaining his mental and physical state at the peak was still priority for him to be alert and precise when collecting and refining the Scorching Evil Fire.

After a brief struggle, the fighting spirit in Austin's eyes finally faded away.

"Ha-ha, next, I'll try Angus's method, and see whether there is any effect."

Setting his mind in motion, Austin communicated with the aura of Angus's soul which had been put into his Soul Sea by Angus.

Suddenly, Austin felt a slight tremor from the aura of Angus's soul, and then a soft milky white light ring slowly spread out from his Soul Sea, and soon formed a circle of milky white light curtain which was seemingly quite weak around Austin's body.

In the light curtain, there were bursts of diverse strains of aura that were different from Austin's usual aura, which he identified as Angus's aura.

After the formation of the milky white curtain, the fire beasts which had been earlier roaring, cracking their teeth and mouths hysterically and preparing to attack Austin suddenly calmed down. They seemed slightly confused, and it was reflected in their sudden erratic movements and wondering eyes. Gradually, the fiendish ferocity on their faces faded away.

"It seems that it's quite effective." Concluded Austin.

Looking at the fire beasts which were beginning to calm down and become q

ddenly stopped. It seemed to have confirmed a place in the northeast corner of the valley and was heading towards the corner directly.

Austin could not help but get excited. Without a doubt, with such a reaction and precise movement, he knew that the pale white light must have found traces of the Scorching Evil Fire.

So, without any hesitation, he moved, instantly catching up with the pale white light with the speed of lightning.

Soon, Austin found that the pale white light had stopped over a crack in the ground with a width of more than a meter.

'Was the Scorching Evil Fire hiding in this crack in the ground?' He wondered.

It was finally time to actually face the Scorching Evil Fire, which ranked third on the list of the Unearthly Fire. Even though Austin had been calm the whole time, at that moment, his felt his heart flutter, he could not help but jump around in a jig because of excitement.

He gingerly put one foot over the other, lightly stepping towards the crack on the ground. He nervously got closer and close to the crack!

Finally, he arrived at his destination and seriously looked into the crack on the ground.

A red flame was slowly rising from the crack.

Looking at the red flame, Austin's pupils suddenly shrank to the size of a needle tip. He was mesmerized and in awe, all these emotions were reflected in his eyes which kept moving rapidly trying to take in everything at once.

What got Austin in such a frenzy was that the red flame was quite phenomenal. Whenever it flipped slightly, it constantly transformed into various animal forms, such as a cow, tiger, lion, leopard, ape, snake, eagle and so forth.

"Is this the Scorching Evil Fire?"

He was obsessively staring at the red flame in the crack on the ground, as he murmured aloud to no one in particular.

According to the information that he had memorized about the Scorching Evil Fire that was placed in his Soul Sea by Angus, he recognized the red flame at first glance. It was indeed the Scorching Evil Fire!

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