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   Chapter 479 The Second Time’s A Charm

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After leaving the Medicine Valley, Austin kept on running. A few miles away from the battleground, he reached a quiet place in the middle of a forest. Alas, he was at a safe place for now. He decided to take a quick rest to recover his strength.

He was exhausted from the fierce battle a while ago. He could quickly recover the vital energy he had lost from the battle using the vital energy stone. However, he needed time to recover from his mental exhaustion.

After resting for almost an hour, Austin felt completely refreshed. He was in his peak condition again and ready for a new fight.

As he continued to rest a little longer, he reflected on his battle with the cultivators from different sects. The Red-winged Wolf he had faced was only a demonic spirit, however, its strength was beyond Austin's power to defeat it. From his encounter with Wilson, Austin learned that the Blood Wolf Team had a great inheritance which enabled them to rise quickly in the Violet Orchid Empire.

The demonic spirit of the Red-winged Wolf was a level-nine demonic beast equivalent to a powerful cultivator at the Sky Realm!

Austin felt that the odds were in his favor when Abbott hadn't taken the woodcarving of a wolf with him. If it had been the case, it would have been impossible for Austin to defeat and kill him.

After his reflection, he turned to his two companions: Iris and Anna. He had managed to save the girls from the group of cultivators for now, but he knew that they were still in danger.

Austin knew that his friendship with Anna and Iris had caused them to be enemies with Wilson and his group.

If the two girls were to separate from him, their lives would be in grave danger. Austin believed Wilson's group would not stop looking for Anna and Iris. If they found the girls, Austin was certain that Wilson and his group would do any cruel things to the girls to pacify the grudge they had on him.

With these in mind, Austin decided to keep the girls in his company. Although they would become a distraction to him, he was left with no other choice.

"You will have to stick with me for the next couple of days. I know it's not what you planned, but I have no other choice. I don't want you to be caught by those cultivators again," Austin said to the two girls.

As she heard these words, Iris beamed with pleasure. She had witnessed Austin's fight with over thirty cultivators including famous young talents like Leo.

Despite being outnumbered, Austin had still managed to defeat his enemies and killed most of them.

With this, Iris was reassured that they would be safe in Austin's company. He would be the perfect shield for them against all their enemies.

However, she

fire beasts.

The fire spirit stones contained strong and pure masculine energy that was valuable to any cultivator. Austin didn't want to waste any of this precious resource.

As the light ball absorbed the masculine energy, it kept on growing. Seeing this, Austin's face lit up with pleasure.

Aside from the energy that he would need, Austin also stored some fire spirit stones in his Space Ring for his two companions, Iris and Anna. Now that they were his companions, he decided to do them a favor and bring them some fire spirit stones for their benefit.

Austin had gone 2, 500 meters into the valley during his previous visit. Although he hadn't reached the bottom of the valley, he had scanned the way ahead and learned that it was 4, 000 meters away from its entrance.

This time, he had reached 2, 500 meters into the valley once more when he decided to take a rest.

He was in the same situation as he was during his first visit. Upon his arrival at that place, hundreds of level-six fire beasts suddenly appeared. They transformed their blazing bodies into beasts of all types such as fire tigers, fire wolves, fire lions, fire snakes, fire birds, etc.

Each beast radiated a sense of danger as they focused their burning eyes at Austin. It seemed as if they would all jump on him at any moment.

A level-six fire beast had the power equaled to a cultivator at the preliminary stage of the Mysterious Realm. Though it would be difficult, Austin was confident that he could defeat a level-six fire beast.

However, in the face of the large crowds of level-six fire beasts, Austin had hesitated for a bit.

He wondered whether it was worth putting his life in danger and fighting the level-six fire beasts or it would be wiser to avoid them and move on to the bottom of the valley.

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