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   Chapter 478 A Discreet Retreat From The Battlefield (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6553

Updated: 2019-07-18 01:41

With a scream that conveyed unbearable pain, Wilson held his head in his hands and crouched down. The sword had completely taken his focus off the fight that he had not expected the needle coming. He would have been able to extricate the needle and defend himself from the devastating pain if he was a tad bit more powerful. However, since he had just reached the premium stage of Mysterious Realm, and his spiritual sense had also recently come into existence, he was still too weak to protect himself from such a hit.

Austin, while all those people were wondering what had suddenly happened to Wilson that made him suffer so much, leapt up in an instant and retreated to two hundred meters away, his vital energy force swirling around his legs.

Having been notified beforehand, Violet took Iris and Anna and followed Austin.

Considering his skill, escaping from such a danger was not difficult for Austin—all thanks to his prominent bodily movement skill. In a flash, he had already retreated to about six hundred feet away in just a few steps.

Once they had retreated to a safe distance, Violet transformed into a green cloud of smoke and slid into the Illusion Bead.

As for Iris and Anna, Austin took them by their hands and flew out of the valley. Upon unfolding his Wind-commanding Skill, Austin glided as fast as a flying arrow. It was impossible for any of the men on the ground to discern their figures clearly.

"Guys, I apologize to you for my unexpected departure. But don't worry. For your today's hospitality, I will pay back ten times as pleasant for you."

Austin's voice traveled in the air and reached their ears as they gawked at his receding figure.

One thing Austin did not know of was that the old wolf turned out to have some spiritual communication with his master Wilson. When Wilson was hit by the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle and was suffering from the piercing pain, the wolf had also sensed the pain and had

rs. Also, if they had eventually succeeded in killing Austin at length, it was very likely that the current truce among the sects would have ended. The warriors would have drawn swords against each other and it would have turned into a fight for the most powerful weapons.

Who would have thought that Austin would give them such a surprise and would retreat from the fight? The plan of killing Austin was now a distant dream.

Now that they had lost to Austin, they realized that fighting him with their own skills would not be much of a use. If they used the same strategy again, it would just give him another chance to slip through their fingers. No. They must release the secret weapons and fight together to finish him truly.

All hopes were dashed. They were regretting their initial readings about Austin's strength.

As much as they didn't want to admit, it was true that Austin's strength had climbed up to an unbelievable level. Losing the chance just now could mean that killing him in the future would become almost impossible.

Also, after this event, Austin would inevitably have more grudges against them and would want to kill them at any cost. So thinking of what would likely happen to them in the near future, they all shivered with fear and shook their heads at their idiocy.

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