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   Chapter 477 A Discreet Retreat From The Battlefield (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7220

Updated: 2019-07-18 01:40

Altogether, ten sets of golden Grand Pagodas tussled with the Red-winged Wolf. Initially, they seemed to be a worthy match in terms of strength and it seemed like the battle would go on interminably. But then, after several minutes, chinks in the armor began to appear. Suddenly, things changed and the fatality struck the golden Grand Pagodas.

As the people watched the fight with their mouths open in wonderment, came an ominous, rumbling sound.

Much to their astonishment, one of the Grand Pagodas exploded into flames.

The explosion was so loud that for a moment people went numb—unable to hear a single thing except a constant piercing, shrill sound. Needless to say, the situation looked positive for Wilson, Leo and the others. Because of the explosion of the Grand Pagoda, the Red-winged Wolf had now fewer enemies to deal with. Sensing the smell of imminent success, they became relaxed and beamed with delight.

This wasn't all, though. There was happier news coming.

A few seconds after the explosion of the first Grand Pagoda, a second, and then a third followed—all of them bursting into flames.

The sound of the violent explosions echoed in the air and shook the entire valley. Some trees which were long dead caught fire due to the scorching heat of the explosions. The smoke began enveloping the entire area. Along with the explosions, the vital energy force waves swept over the valley and spread out far away, stretching beyond the horizon.

The sudden turn of events boosted those people's morale even more. "What did I tell you, Austin? Regardless of how strong you are, there is no way you could stand up to my team and our most powerful weapon. Today is your last day on earth.

You deserve to be slaughtered and cut into pieces. Only your death can pay for the sins you have inflicted and the suffering we've been through because of you," Wilson barked, grinding his teeth with unadulterated hate.

Noting that he now held a substantial advantage over Austin, he began to get cocky and as he laughed out loud, his vaunting laughter resonated around, followed almost poetically by the rumbling sounds of the expl

gth. There was also a tiny possibility that he might be defeated and torn to pieces by those golden claws.

Weighing the pros and cons of the situation in his mind, Austin decided to step back and beat a hasty retreat.

Austin had always had an intention of winning, but he was not going to be foolhardy. He thought that it was best to escape from a battle whose outcome was uncertain than risk all that he had got. After coming to that decision, he used his mind communication skill and told Violet to prepare for a retreat.

After informing Violet, Austin began his evacuation plan. He pulled out his sacred sword from its sheath and put his Illusory Swordsmanship skill into action.

While it was emerging, the sword zinged, and a hundred streaks of sword-light emanated from the blade. Within seconds, after activating his sword intent, the vital energy began transmitting to the sword violently like water rushing with full force from one end to another.

While the vital energy swirled around the sword, flashes of blinding light spread out and lit up the entire valley.

Everyone watched the sword with amazement and alarm, wondering what other skill Austin would use to harm them using the sword. As a matter of fact, the sword was just a decoy that Austin was using it to divert their attention. Looking for the opportune moment, Austin briskly threw his Spiritual Sense Flying Needle straight into Wilson's Soul Sea.

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