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   Chapter 476 The Number One Weapon Of The Bloody Wolf Team (Part Two)

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Apart from that, some weaker martial artists suffered as their bodies exploded by the attack of the six golden pagodas. Instantly, they burst into pieces.

"Let me see, how longer you can resist my attack!" sneered Austin.

After he deflected Symon's flying knife, he continued to control the six golden pagodas with his mind, sending out several rounds of attack.

At the same time, he quickly waved his hands before his chest, and in a moment four more golden pagodas appeared in front of him.

"Let's go on!" he shouted coldly.

The newly-formed four golden pagodas dashed towards the opponents with lighting speed once he uttered those words.

Up to now, he had already formed ten golden pagodas in total and they kept bombarding attacks against the martial artists crazily.

Under the violent shock wave of vital energy force, the ground across hundreds of feet was shaking wildly, as if there was an earthquake.

The ground was shattered into pieces, creating several huge cracks. The cracks kept appearing and spread around as the attacks got fierce.

The overwhelming power of the ten golden pagodas pelted stones and spread sand in all directions and darkened the sky.

It didn't look like Leo and the other martial artists were besieging Austin. Rather Austin was controlling the ten golden pagodas to besiege Leo and the others.

"Aaaaargh!" they screamed as Austin continued to launch attacks mercilessly.

The battle lasted only a quarter of an hour, and the winner was determined.

In the beginning, while there were more than 30 people on Leo's side, now there were hardly six people left. More than 20 people were killed by Austin's ten golden pagodas.

They were Leo, Wilson, Garret, Caden, Symon and Joan.

It was no surprise that those six people were also in a mess. They looked disheveled and weak. There were even some faint blood stains on the corners of their mouths.

All through this, Denali stepped aside as soon as the battle began. She did not participate in the siege of Austin.

"Austin, do you want to become an enemy of all the five major sects of Violet Orchid Empire by killing the disciples of these five sects like this?

In that case, after you leave here, you are bound to be collectively hunted down by the five major sects, or even by the martial artists of the entire Violet Orchid Empire!"

Caden said in a menacing tone as he stared at Austin savagely. He was furious at Austin because all the disciples of t

glinting as its short front paws glowed with a bright golden light. Suddenly a big golden claw was formed. It went straight towards Austin.

A sense of approaching danger overwhelmed him as he saw the claw coming towards him. It was beyond his expectation, as the old wolf's attacking method was quite like that of a human being. It was able to materialize its demonic power into different forms to fight against its enemies just like human martial artists materialized their vital energy to attack.

As the big golden claw approached Austin with immense power, he was not hesitant to summon the ten golden pagodas to confront it.

The next moment, right in front of the eyes of the crowd, the ten golden pagodas collided heavily with the big golden claw.

The whole world seemed to quiet down after the clash.

Seconds later, the violent vital energy began to surge, exploding in an instant. The whole sky was filled with raging vital energy.

The collision between the two forces was so fierce that the Medicine Valley seemed to shiver. Everyone present staggered back quickly in horror, and they all hurriedly exerted their vital energy to envelop their bodies for fear of being affected by that raging vital energy.

At the same time, they kept their eyes focused on the ten golden pagodas and the big golden claw. The two sides seemed to be equally strong.

Earlier Leo and the others were seized with fear when they were attacked by the ten golden pagodas, but now, the old wolf that Wilson had summoned could stand up against the assaults of the ten pagodas. Therefore, at the moment, Leo and his group could finally heave a sigh of relief.

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