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   Chapter 475 The Number One Weapon Of The Bloody Wolf Team (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-07-18 01:38

Even after the assaults, Austin's physical body of flesh and blood was now strong enough to quickly recover after a little rest.


The spectators gave little squeaks of surprise at the scene unfolding before their eyes.

They couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Austin face the assaults of more than 30 opponents merely by his physical strength. Although Austin had reeled back ten feet because of the attacks, it was quite clear that he was not hurt as badly as one would expect.

The young martial artists present there had never seen such prodigious physical strength which they were witnessing.

Austin took a deep breath and murmured to himself, "It looks like it is still a bit difficult to win by physical strength alone under the combined attack of so many people. Fine, in that case, I shall not waste my time with these people anymore.

If they want to kill me, I have to give my best shot to save myself. Even if I am not able to kill all of them today, I'll slay as many as I can."

He ceased his pacing and reined in the surging blood and energy pounding in his chest.

At that moment, a great fortitude aroused in his heart. His eyes were filled with the lust to kill. Without saying a word, he held out his hands before his chest, making several complex gestures with his hands. The vital energy began to emanate from his palms, and moved ahead, twisting like golden snakes.

In the blink of an eye, a nine-layered golden pagoda came into being.

It stood suspended in the air before Austin for some time, releasing bursts of powerful vital energy force.

Once the nine-layered golden pagoda took its complete form, Austin didn't stop his action. Instead, he tried harder and continued to create another golden pagoda at a faster speed. Shortly afterwards, the second golden pagoda took shape. Then came the third. And the fourth... After a short while there were six pagodas that came into existence.

Everyone was stunned by Austin's movements, and they were dumbfounded to see the six nine-layered golden pagodas suspended in front of him. Intense vital energy force continuously rushed from the golden pagodas, disturbing the air and making sizzling sound like water being boiled. The air mixed with vital energy was rolling and surging. The people present were filled with a feeling that a raging s

was waiting for a proper chance to launch an attack on Austin. He waited for that moment when Austin's defensive awareness would be relaxed. Symon didn't quickly take action, and once he took an action, he aimed to kill his target.

Just as the flying knife was about to strike Austin's chest, he tried to move his body slightly to the side, but the flying knife went straight through his chest.

To everyone's surprise, the flying knife passed through and went across the air but didn't cause any damage to Austin's body. It turned out that the flying knife had only been able to cut through the shadow of Austin's figure. Before the flying knife went through his body, he had swiftly dodged his true body aside to escape the attack.

Seeing this, Symon's face went pale. The things that happened when he used the flying knife to kill Austin during the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games recurred: the flying knife he exerted did no damage to Austin again.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" The six golden pagodas were confronted with the attacks by Leo and the other people, making a series of deafening sounds as they clashed.

With the continuous sound of metal collision, intense vital energy force was released and it instantly overflowed in all directions with its violent power.

Austin was now at the medium stage of Mysterious Realm. Though each of the golden pagodas was only made up of seventy percent of his vital energy, the assembled power of six golden pagodas was mighty enough to place more than thirty martial artists, including Leo, at a disadvantage.

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