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   Chapter 474 A Strength Equal To A 30 Thousand Pound Punch

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8260

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With the use of his mind, Austin formed nine of his Spiritual Sense Flying Needles. Each set of three needles was aiming at a member of the Blood Wolf Team. When Austin finally released the needles, the three needles struck the head of each of the three members of the Blood Wolf Team.

Several months ago, Austin's spiritual sense could only reach a small area. But now, its coverage had increased fivefold.

Now, his spiritual sense could cover a range up to 45, 000 meters. Such a strong spiritual sense was far beyond the imagination of any cultivators at the Mysterious Realm and the Sky Realm.

With his improved spiritual sense, his Spiritual Sense Flying Needles' power was also enhanced.

The three members of the Blood Wolf Team were only at the Earth Realm: one was at the medium stage of the Earth Realm, while the other two at the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm. However, their spiritual senses were still far from Austin, thus there was no way they could resist the three Spiritual Flying Needles.

In an instant, their heads felt like being split by a strong force. The pain was unbearable that they started to cry miserably. Their hands were over their heads as they roll on the ground.

After releasing the Spiritual Sense Flying Needles, Austin jumped and instantly disappeared leaving behind a vague shadow.

In a blink of an eye, Austin reappeared in the middle of the crowd, standing beside Iris and Anna.

After Austin reappeared, an emerald green mist suddenly started to accumulate in the middle of the same crowd. Everyone was stunned and frozen in fear. Luckily, Violet had the presence of mind. She instantly pulled Iris and Anna to a corner to get away from the crowd.

Everything happened in a flash. Even when the three members of the Blood Wolf Team cried on the ground, the rest of the crowd could not comprehend what Austin had done.

"Show me what you got, you so-called young elites of the Violet Orchid Empire!"

Austin declared. Since these men had challenged to take on him simultaneously, Austin would not show them any mercy. He did not hide his arrogance anymore and declared a fight against them.

He pulled out his sacred sword to display the Illusory Swordsmanship. With a few sword potentials, a hundred sword radiances were shot to the crowd like splashing water.

Despite the wild shooting of sword radiances, it did not reach the area where Denali was because of Austin's strong spiritu

of up to 30 thousand pounds concentrated on his arms, he cut through the wind and rushed toward the crowd like lightning.

Seeing that Austin made his first move, the diabolic wolf transformed by the vital energy of Wilson also rushed in to meet Austin's attack.

Instead of escaping, Austin threw out a fist toward the wolf with great force. The fierce force pressurized the air and made a rumbling and clattering sound.

Bang! Austin's fist and the diabolic wolf clashed with each other!

Bang! Another loud sound was heard and unexpectedly...

The wolf was smashed into pieces as a soft rock crashed by a hammer.

Bang! Bang!

Austin continuously attacked. He was moving with lightning speed, throwing a dozen of powerful and heavy punches at his opponents.

Leo's Four Fists, Caden's Three Fierce Knife Blades, and Garret's Burning Giant Palm were all defused by Austin's fist.

Since the attacks from the other cultivators at the preliminary and medium stage of the Earth Realm could not even scratch him, Austin just ignored them completely and did not bother to counter these attacks.

The weaker cultivators' best attack could only shake Austin a little or if they were lucky enough, they could leave a small bruise on his body but nothing more serious.

As he faced the attacks from the cultivators at the premium stage of the Earth Realm, Austin just swung his fist to counter these attacks and turn them into ashes.

After fending off the first round of attack, Austin stepped back a little. He struggled to stand straight for a while due to the aggressive vital energy and blood flowing through his veins.

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