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   Chapter 473 Outnumbered

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Discovering the smooth wall of the cliff, Leo and Symon focused on studying it carefully.

Having reached the medium stage of Mysterious Realm, Leo had also acquired the spiritual sense. He used its spiritual sense several times to scan the wall and found that something was hiding behind it.

However, Leo's spiritual sense was much weaker compared to that of Austin's. He ended up making several futile attempts to enter the wall which had been sealed by a stronger spiritual sense.

Each time he attempted to break into the wall, his spiritual sense bounced back by the stronger sense on that wall.

Symon, Wilson, Garret, and Caden also tried to break the spell but even their joint efforts failed to yield any result.

The firmness and indestructible strength of the wall piqued the curiosity of all the cultivators. In fact, it led them to believe that there was some amazing treasure behind the wall.

All the cultivators eventually agreed to demolish that wall by using their vital energy force.

One by one, the cultivators started taking turns in their attempt to attack the wall. Throughout the day, dozens of cultivators used all their physical as well as spiritual strength to pull the wall down, but it remained intact.

When they were on the verge of giving up, all of a sudden, Austin showed up from the wall.

In an instant, everybody was taken aback.

It took them a moment to break free from the reverie and come back to their senses.

Wilson was the first one to identify Austin. He frowned and shouted at him in a stern voice, "Austin!

I'll not let you go this time."

"Turns out you are a member of Blood Wolf Team," Austin responded coldly.

"Austin, you have done a lot of terrible things to our team. Today, I'll make you pay for it!" Wilson declared indignantly.

The obstinate and nonchalant attitude sported by Austin's irked Wilson beyond words. He took a stride, and a vital energy force emitted out of his body.

Austin had killed Abbott, two guardians and over two hundred members who were deputed to guard the base in imperial capital city overnight. This event had a very bad influence on the reputation of the Blood Wolf Team in the Violet Orchid Empire.

Fortunately, the founder of Blood Wolf Team, Blood Wolf Ancestor who had retired long ago came to the salvage. Otherwise no one could have saved them from being doomed.

After losing so many cultivators, Blood Wolf Ancestor rearranged all the survivors of the team and kept everything under his control. He gave his verdict that Austin was their biggest enemy, and their immediate mission was to bring Austin down.

Abbott was Wilson's master. The latter was bestowed with his affection and happened to be one of his choicest disciples. Being in the good books of his master helped Wilson to gain prestige among the Blood Wolf Team. And he had even been considered the perfect candidate for the next head of Blood Wolf Team.

But his master had been killed by Austin. Wilson was aware that he could take Abbott's place as soon as he brought Austin down to avenge his master's death.

Indisputably, Wilson was one of the best among the young-generation cultivators in the Violet Orchid Empire. However, Austin differed in his thought about Wilson's credibility and belie

t even belonged to the seventh grade!

In the Violet Orchid Empire, even the biggest sect, the Peripatetic Sect didn't have a seventh-grade elixir.

The herbs of the seventh grade were rare treasures that even money couldn't buy even at the markets of the Violet Orchid Empire.

The attackers, as well as the onlookers, had never seen so many valuable elixirs together with naked eyes.

The very thought of the large sum of money that the herbs would cost made them feel ecstatic.

Austin had acquired the ten elixirs of the seventh grade in the wall of that cliff and not in the Medicine Valley. Before he left Angus, the latter picked some herbs up in the field in front of his log cabin and gave him them as a gift.

In fact, Angus had given Austin dozens of seventh-grade herbs. Austin didn't show all of them to his greedy opponents.

"Are you an idiot? You know they wanted to steal these herbs from you. Why did you show them?"

Denali stomped her feet expressing her disgust towards Austin's gesture. 'Don't you know it's dangerous to show your wealth to others? How could he make such a mistake?' she wondered.

The herbs were close to Austin. He waved his hand and put them back to his Space Ring.

The truth was, Austin's action just displayed his contempt towards Leo and the rest of the cultivators who surrounded him for combat. He knew their real power very well. 'I'm not sure whether I could defeat them. But one thing is for sure. It's impossible for them to take my elixirs away, ' he said to himself.

"Violet, after I help Iris and Anna out, you should take them with you and leave.

I'll take care of the rest," Austin instructed Violet in his mind.

Once he threw himself into the fight, he was afraid that Iris and Anna might get injured. So he planned to send the two girls away. In that way, he wouldn't have any misgivings.

"Yes. I do have many elixirs. But I don't think you can take them away from me. You losers," Austin said scornfully.

The next second, he summoned over ten Spiritual Sense Flying Needles and using his mind, controlled them to aim at the three Blood Wolf Team members' heads as they were standing close to Iris and Anna.

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