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   Chapter 472 The Hope Of Revenge

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Once he heard that there was Scorching Evil Fire which ranked third in the Unearthly Fire List in the Fire Valley, Austin's eyes were filled with greed. He could already imagine himself possessing the elusive power.

There were twelve kinds of Unearthly Fire in heaven and earth, and each of them was invaluable.

However, when he thought of the danger involved in acquiring the Scorching Evil Fire in the Fire Valley, he hesitated. He was ambitious but not reckless enough to lose his life, and besides, he was aware of his limitations.

'It seems I'm not powerful enough to go deeper into the valley.

Each Unearthly Fire is powerful enough to destroy the world. Even if I was powerful enough to go deeper and reach the place where the Unearthly Fire is, I'm afraid that I can't take the Scorching Evil Fire away with my current level of competence, ' thought Austin.

From the contemplative look on Austin's face, Angus figured out what he was thinking.

"Haha! Young man, it seems you have previously entered the Fire Valley and know how dangerous it is inside.

It's true that with your current level of competence, you can't even approach the Scorching Evil Fire, let alone take it away. Any carelessness will cause you to be burned into ash.

But don't despair. I can help you fetch the Scorching Evil fire in the Fire Valley, because I had tamed it before my death, and I was its owner," Angus said in a low voice.

"What? Senior, you're the owner of the Scorching Evil Fire?" Austin's eyes became alive once more in amazement and he looked at the old man with awe in his eyes.

Since he was capable of taming the Scorching Evil Fire, then the elder was by no means ordinary.

"Yes. In fact, the reason I became a soul was because of the Scorching Evil Fire. Alas! It's a miserable story. Let bygones be bygones.

The Scorching Evil Fire can recognize my breath. If I put a strand of breath of my soul into your Soul Sea, then you can approach it.

And I will put the method to tame the Scorching Evil Fire into your Soul Sea too.

Even so, you still should be careful, especially when you get close to it. You must communicate with it sincerely through your mind, and only when it accepts you as its owner, will it completely belong to you."

With that, Angus drew a strand of breath from his soul and pressed it into Austin's Soul Sea together with detailed information about how to subdue the Scorching Evil Fire.

Although it was the breath of a soul, Austin could still feel a strong spiritual sense power come into his Soul Sea. He couldn't help but secretly admire the old man's powers.

'It seems Angus' spiritual sense power had reached an extremely high level when he was alive. When compared to his, my current spiritual sense power is nothing at all, ' he thought.

After sending a strand of breath to Austin's Soul Sea, Angus flicked his fingers and shot a pill to Austin, emanating a chill from time to time.

"I concocted this pill with icy snow lotus flowers which had grown for more than a thousand years. If any unexpected thing happens while taming the Sun Flame, taking this pil

the Medicine Valley.

Until now, Austin had been in the space behind the cliff for about two days.

In spite of the short period, he had gained a great deal.

The first was a five-fold increase in his spiritual sense power. Now he was able to probe an area of 45000 meters around comfortably. Austin believed that his current spiritual sense power was much higher than most of the Sky Realm cultivators.

Next, he would get the Scorching Evil Fire which ranked third in the Unearthly Fire List soon. This would be the highlight of his journey.

... ...

The moment he strode out of the cliff, Austin frowned. He could sense a dozen strands of strong vital energy force rushing in the direction of the cliff.

Several strands of the vital energy force were extremely powerful, and he deduced that the person who had released them had a very high cultivation base.

Austin released his spiritual sense power to probe and soon, he was clear about the source, tracks and target of the vital energy force. He summoned his own vital energy to form a protective cloak around himself and several strands of vital energy force that had honed on him like a laser target towards him were blocked.

Then he used the bodily movement skill and moved a hundred meters away and dodged the attacks from the ever-increasing vital energy force while breaking no sweat.

Austin had reached the medium stage of Mysterious Realm in vital energy cultivation base, but his vital energy was much stronger than most of his peers who were cultivators at the medium stage of Mysterious Realm.

He was confident that his vital energy force could even be on a par with cultivators who had reached the premium stage of Mysterious Realm.

With a strong vital energy, spiritual sense power and the Wind-commanding Skill, Austin broke the vital energy force attacking him easily.

"These guys did it!" he said to himself.

Austin stopped moving, and a cold expression appeared on his face once he recognized the faces of those who had initiated attack. They were no other than Leo and his followers.

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