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   Chapter 471 The Scorching Evil Fire

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"Cultivating in this valley can help me enhance my spiritual sense?" Austin was surprised. If his spiritual sense was several times stronger, it would be unfathomable for others.

Austin had already realized the convenience of his strong spiritual sense. It was truly a fortune if this little valley could help him strengthen his spiritual sense.

"I saw you out there walking with a bit of difficulty.

But I assume that you have already discovered for yourself that confronting this spiritual sense pressure will strengthen your own spiritual sense.

It's because I put a special array there. It can transform the energy currently present in this world to spiritual sense. Absorbing the spiritual sense power here will enhance that of your own.

I believe your spiritual sense will be at least two to three times stronger. Then, you will be able to roam freely and comfortably in this little valley.

It's just that it is truly hard for you to even walk through this valley now, given your present level of spiritual sense. You can forget about strengthening your spiritual sense if you can't endure the pain."

The elder's last sentence sounded like he wanted to spur Austin, to give him incentive to carry on.

But Austin didn't need any more motivation. No one knew any clue about how much pain he had been through when he was cultivating Overlord Body-refining Formula. Though he hardly could stand on his feet when he tried standing up outside the cabin, he could feel the growth inside of him.

"Alright. Sir, I will begin the process of cultivation outside the cabin then," said Austin with urgency. Then he wheeled around.

Angus gasped in shock first, and then smiled with a hint of praise in his eyes.

Angus was, as a matter of fact, passing over his legacy to Austin when he was teaching Austin about the art of pill-refining. He had essentially become Austin's teacher.

Initially, he did not intend to pass his knowledge to any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Due to certain events that transpired and a vicious and dangerous man that Angus met, he was now in a state of half-human and half-ghost. Austin was the first man he met after hundreds of years had passed by.

And he had no choice but to make do with Austin since he did not know how many years his broken soul had left.

He felt relieved after he saw Austin's toughness as well as his tenacity. He finally deemed this young man quite worthy enough of his legacy.

The moment Austin stepped out of the cabin, the formidable pressure of the spiritual sense flooded towards him from all directions. It was overwhelming.

Austin instantly spread out all his spiritual sense to fight back against the pressure.

He moved forward a step at a time, each movement as slow and laborious as the previous one.

Under the formidable pressure of the spiritual power, Austin had to bend to his knees for the trembling, as if he was a

ly Fire.

And these 12 Unearthly Fires could also be used as a powerful weapon. Every Unearthly Fire has the might to burn skies and drain oceans. It is said that there was a fire-cultivating martial artist who had successfully conquered an Unearthly Fire and he could defeat enemies who were of higher levels like it was a piece of cake for him.

Angus explained this to Austin, who was listening intently.

It was not the first time Austin heard about Unearthly Fires, but this was the most descriptive conversation.

He had acquired some knowledge of it when he was at the auction in Peace Town.

Hence, he suddenly recalled something now that Angus had finished his say.

He instantly took out a piece of ragged cloth on which there was a blurred map. There were mountain and rivers drawn on it.

He handed it to Angus.

"I bought this at an auction before.

It is said the clue of Dark Bone Gloomy Fire is hidden somewhere on it."


Angus took over the cloth and stared at it for a while.

"So it seems that you do already know some things about the Unearthly Fire.

This Dark Bone Gloomy Fire is the eighth most powerful among all the Earth Fires.

That means it ranks 12th among the 12 Unearthly Fires.

However, it is also a mighty flame.

Since you have a clue, you can try to find it if you have time as well as the capacity.

As a matter of fact, there is an Unearthly Fire in the Mysterious Nether World too," added Angus.

"There is an Unearthly Fire in Mysterious Nether World!?"

Austin was shocked.

"Yes. In the first layer of this Mysterious Nether World there is a valley called the Fire Valley. In this valley there is an Unearthly Fire called Scorching Evil Fire which ranks third among the Earth Fires!"


It ranks third?"

That meant that the level of Scorching Evil Fire was far higher than that of Dark Bone Gloomy Fire.

Austin gasped in bewilderment.

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