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   Chapter 470 A 500-Year Old Broken Soul (Part Two)

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"But the gift I will give you does not come for free. There is a task that I will entrust to you."

"What is it? Tell me and consider it done!" Austin said confidently. Though he didn't know what Angus would ask of him, he vowed to himself that he would do it no matter what.

Besides, it was like doing an important task for a very noble martial artist.

"Well, when I was still alive, I managed to set up a sect. The sect is called Magic Hand Sect.

If you ever encounter Magic Hand Sect in your future endeavors, I need you to find a girl who goes by the name Ariadne and give this jade case to her. She is my only daughter in the world."

Then, as Angus waved his hand, a jade case suddenly appeared in front of Austin. It was emitting a mild light. Without any question, Austin took it and stored it in his Space Ring.

"But hundreds of years had passed. To be honest, I don't even know if the Magic Hand Sect still exists. Maybe, it had disappeared in the never-ending river of time.

And don't know if my poor daughter is still alive either.

For me, it was like yesterday. But five hundred years just went by like that," Angus sighed. It was no surprise that a soul like him would be stuck in the memories of the past. After all, memories were what a dead soul was made of. It was memories that made them who they were.

"Has it really been five hundred years since you passed away? If that so... I'm sorry but... Angus, I'm afraid that your daughter might have already perished..."

Austin said. He couldn't think of a more realistic way to put it. Besides, a normal person couldn't live for more than one hundred years. Not unless that person had developed a body that could surpass the human limit, until...

Angus said, "Young man, maybe you're not aware, but if one's cultivation base reaches Imperial Realm, his life expectancy could reach up to 500 years. If one step

ad into your Soul Sea. It will nourish your spiritual sense at every moment. With its special effect, your spiritual sense will continuously be strengthened."

Austin was overjoyed at the sight of the Soul-warming Bead. He tried to connect with it and succeeded. The bead answered his call—it turned into a light that shot into Austin's Soul Sea.

The colorful bead illuminated every corner in his Soul Sea. It generated a warm feeling that Austin had never felt before.

And in an instant, he felt that his spiritual sense was enhanced.

Austin got thrilled at the effect of the Soul-warming Bead. Angus was right. It indeed could nourish his Soul Sea and improve his spiritual sense in every second.

With this Soul-warming Bead, he needn't to deliberately spend time on cultivating spiritual sense anymore. It could instantly help his spiritual sense become more powerful. It was an amazing treasure that Austin had ever found.

Austin's heart was filled with joy and gratefulness to the gifts that the old man had given him.

"Young man, the valley is a very good place to cultivate spiritual sense. If you are not in a rush, I suggest you take this opportunity to enhance your spiritual sense multiple times stronger before you leave," Angus offered.

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