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   Chapter 469 A 500-Year Old Broken Soul (Part One)

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Austin was surprised to see an old man inside the log cabin. The old man was standing with his hands behind his back as if he was expecting to see Austin at that time.

Austin, on the other hand, didn't expect to see anyone inside that log cabin.

'Hey...Who could this be?' He couldn't believe what he was seeing and could only wonder to himself.

The old man with long silver hair in black robe looked quite scary and mysterious to Austin.

The old man's eyes were as deep as the black hole, but they looked rather peaceful. Austin's nape felt cold as the old man looked at him directly. He also felt as if the old man was scanning him thoroughly.

When the soul in his Soul Sea quivered and had a tendency of flying out, he was taken aback quickly and had to raise his defense and alertness at once. Austin had never been so scared and panicky in his life.

But as he moved, he noticed that the heavy spiritual sense that made it difficult for him to move outside the cabin had finally disappeared.

Without the spiritual sense inside the log cabin, he could freely move at will.

"I've been waiting for so long for someone to come, and I already lost count of the years. I've lost hope that someone could make it here alive. But alas! Here you are!"

The old man's voice sounded like from ancient time as he slowly spoke these words to Austin.

"I apologize for the intrusion. I'm Austin. I don't know if I should say this, but it's nice to meet you, sir.

I accidentally broke in here without your notice. Again, I apologize for that and hope you can forgive me," Austin said sincerely. His eyes were apologetic with his hands cupped as a sign of respect. His intuition told him that the old man standing in front of him was not just an ordinary martial artist. Therefore, it was just appropriate that he showed great respect for the old man.

"Don't worry. You're not overstepping on anything. But if I may ask, you came for the treasure in Mysterious Nether World, didn't you?"

A slight smile crossed the my

cine refinement quite good on your own. Well, I'm a medicine refiner myself. My medicine refinement skill was not that bad.

But I have no use to it now. So, how about I pass down my skill of medicine refinement to you?

I know medicine refinement is taken lightly by many. But don't belittle such skill.

If a martial artist wants to strengthen his cultivation, he will need a large number of resources and medicine. Speaking of medicine, elixirs are the most important and essential of all the resources.

If you achieve proficiency in medicine refinement, you can speed up your cultivation with the medicine that you refined by yourself.

In addition, being a medicine refiner will give you a noble status, thus gaining respect from others in the martial arts world.

And if you can refine high-quality medicine, no matter where you go, you will be given well treatment. You will be like a moon surrounded by stars!"

Angus explained.

Austin knew so much about medicine refinement. While he was self-studying on medicine refining, he gained a deep understanding of its benefit. There was nothing that he didn't know from what Angus had said but he didn't dare to interrupt. He just nodded in agreement. But the fact that Angus would pass down his medicine refinement knowledge to Austin was something the latter was truly looking forward to.

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