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   Chapter 468 Enter The Log Cabin

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The members of the Blood Wolf Team, including Wilson, got furious with what they heard.

"Ha! You are the beauty of the Sun Sect, aren't you? You really have a sense of justice," Wilson uttered with a vicious smile.

The voice belonged to Denali of the Sun Sect.

"Joan Li, you can discipline the girl of your sect. Don't let her be so impolite!"

Wilson talked to a woman who was standing beside Denali and had a stern expression. He did not want to have a conflict with the Sun Sect merely due to some small matter. After all, the Sun Sect was one of the five most prominent sects in the Violet Orchid Empire.

"Denali, it is none of our business!" Joan, who was older, warned Denali.

Joan and Denali had the same master in the Sun Sect, and both entered the Mysterious Nether World together.

"But, Joan..." Denali said defiantly.

She couldn't help but feel sympathetic towards the two girls when she witnessed how they were treated.

Also, they were Austin's friends. Denali could not bear to see them get bullied.

"Denali, before we left the Sun Sect, our master told us that you must follow what I say!"

Joan yelled, infuriated with Denali's stubbornness.

Denali dared not to speak again and recognized Joan's authority.

Seeing Wilson's cruel face, Iris felt she could do nothing but get angry as he was much stronger than her.

The two girls looked so weak when they faced the men who were degrading them, and what the girls could do was to be at the mercy of the men.

Moreover, each member of the Blood Wolf Team was cruel and uncivilized. They exuded an extremely arrogant and barbaric aura.

"Leo, Garret, and Caden––all of you are from the top five distinguished sects of our Violet Orchid Empire. Will you allow the members of the Blood Wolf Team to push us, two girls, off the cliff?"

Iris gritted her teeth and suddenly shouted at the people who were standing not far away from them.

"Hmm. You girls, jump off the cliff by yourself and be with that bastard, Austin. You deserve this.

Now you are just playing victims to seek sympathy. Well, it is too lat

he was more than eager not to give up and continue marching forward.

With his body thoroughly soaked in his sweat, Austin finally reached the entrance of the log cabin. His hand successfully touched the old wooden door.


Just when his fingers landed on the surface of the door, an extreme spiritual sense force suddenly blasted out of the log cabin.

Austin was almost shot backward by the sudden blast of spiritual sense force.

'Hold on!' he encouraged himself while trying to resist the force.

At that crucial moment, Austin almost strove with all his efforts. The last spiritual sense force in his Soul Sea had been drawn and gushed out to fend against the intense spiritual sense force.

Clack, clack, clack.

Austin felt as if his whole body was bent under the powerful spiritual sense force. He was almost compelled to his knees.


Austin yelled in resistance.

'I have to try with all of my efforts!

I will never give up! Hold on! Keep moving!' Austin encouraged himself.

As Austin's last spirit sense burst out, his strength seemed to be replenished. It was as if he grew much stronger.

He hit the door hard and inserted himself in the log cabin.

He had finally entered the cabin!

An old figure, gazing at Austin with slight admiration, greeted his eyes.

'Someone is inside the cabin?'

Austin was shocked to see a figure of someone.

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