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   Chapter 467 Where Is Austin

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By the time Austin was about 300 meters away, he had thought he was running out of spiritual sense. He felt empty inside his Soul Sea and was totally dizzy as a sense of powerlessness came over him.

Austin knew the reason why he felt that way was because he overused his spiritual sense.

That could be very dangerous. Once spiritual sense was entirely used up, spiritual souls were bound to be severely damaged. For martial artists, damages in their spiritual souls were much severer than injuries on their flesh.

Therefore, although reluctant, Austin finally decided to give up.

Although there seemed to be a chance ahead waiting for him, he knew his life was more important than that.

Hence, Austin stopped and suddenly took all his spiritual sense back into his Soul Sea. He had thought that the spiritual sense before him would charge at him, sending him bouncing and possibly ejecting him from the space.

Since his spiritual sense was almost completely exhausted, there was nothing he could do about it.

Surprisingly, however, as he stopped, the powerful spiritual sense in front of him immediately halted and stood still.

That discovery made Austin totally relieved.

It turned out that as long as he stopped moving, the spiritual sense in the small valley would stop attacking too.

After learning that, Austin heaved a sigh of relief. He sat on the grass, cross-legged, adjusted his breath, and began to rest.

Violet, who was behind Austin, walked slowly towards him.

However, her spiritual sense was not as good as his. She was out of breath after walking for more than a hundred meters. Finally, she sat on the ground and began to rest as well.

Two hours later, Austin suddenly opened his eyes in excitement.

"Wow! I didn't expect that a fight with the spiritual

who do you think you are? We, the members of the Blood Wolf Team, are all real men.

Tell me where Austin is!

Well...You, two little bitches, are in great shape. Several of our brothers haven't touched women in a long time. If you don't tell me where he is, we might as well have some fun with you. You know what I mean, right?"

A member of the Blood Wolf Team who was standing next to Wilson threw a nasty glance at Iris and Anna. He licked his lips as he stared at them.

Startled by his obscene stare, Anna hid behind Iris. She remembered that he was a member of the Blood Wolf Team which was known to be notorious in Violet Orchid Empire. Rape and pillages seemed like ordinary things to them.

"How dare you!

We, disciples of Pure Dream Convent, are not pushovers!"

Iris shouted angrily when she heard Wilson's remarks.

"Ha-ha! Bitches, in front of us, the Blood Wolf Team, you Pure Dream Convent disciples are nothing but a piece of shit!

Besides, no one would even know if I rape and kill you here in Mysterious Nether World.

Tell me where Austin is!"

"Hey! Shame on you big men who bully little girls!"

Suddenly, the keen sound of a girl rang out in the air.

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