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   Chapter 466 Omnipresent Spiritual Sense

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As Austin passed through the stone wall, he was greeted with a quiet and serene valley. Nature's fine curves and shadows touched him like they were a song woven together. In a patch of the meadow, flowers of different varieties flourished. These were open fields, with a shade for comfort and a brook of fresh water. Every sound and sigh were welcoming to him. Such beauty was unparalleled.

A plain log cabin sat amidst the valley. In its front yard, a glint of goldfish enjoyed their sunny swims in the one-acre pond.

What an entrancing land!

Austin inhaled and a waft of fresh air invaded his nostrils.

It was a pleasure to find the scenic valley behind the stone wall.

"What is this place? It took me more than half a spiritual sense to get here," Austin wondered out loud.

A few seconds later, Violet came through the stone wall after him, gasping for air. Apparently, it took her all of her strength to fight the force of spiritual sense that the stone wall projected.

What shocked both Austin and Violet was seeing the gnome pass breezily through the stone wall, as if the force of spiritual sense was nothing to him. The second the gnome came in, he looked around with curiosity and excitement flashing through his eyes.

With his sight fixing on the log cabin, Austin noticed something that astonished him.

In its front yard, the patch of green plants was all elixirs.

And all of them seemed to belong to the sixth or seventh grade. What a stroke of luck to find these many medicinal herbs here!

It was evident that the most precious treasures of Medicine Valley were all here in one place, which was as Austin had expected.

"Wow! So many elixirs!"

Violet exclaimed when her wide eyes landed on the patch of medicinal herbs. She was awestruck to see them all in such a great number.

Austin's attention was fixated on the elixirs too. He imm

a translucent wall of spiritual sense was formed in front of him. Strong energy rippled through the wall.


Austin finally managed to take a step after activating his spiritual sense.

He struggled to move toward the log cabin, as if he were pulling a carriage by his shoulders behind him.

Austin exerted all of his spiritual sense in the Soul Sea to fight the demanding force as he trudged forward slowly.

However, the closer he got to the log cabin, the stronger the force got. Austin was moving with the pace of a snail.

The spiritual sense had a strong presence around the log cabin and was belligerent against the intruder. A wave of the hostile force collided with Austin again and again.

The pressure was akin to carrying a mountain on his back. Each step consumed all of Austin's energy and tortured him. He heard a light creak inside his body with every step. Soon, he was soaked to the skin in his sweat.

"Damn it! What the hell is this place? Why is the spiritual sense here so ridiculously strong?"

Austin bristled with rage.

Although he was annoyed, he was also aware that there was something waiting for him inside the log cabin.

He steeled himself and continued to walk. He could not give up now.

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