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   Chapter 465 The Space Behind the Wall (Part Two)

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"Yes, I agree with Wilson.

Let's not waste any more time. We must immediately go find Austin and kill him.

We have so many cultivators here. Even if he has magic, there is no contending against such odds," Garret said through gritted teeth. His anger rose at the thought of Austin and how he killed the grandson of the Chief Elder of Flaming Sun Valley and several disciples of the sect. Even Augustine, the outstanding principal disciple of the sect, also died at his hands.

Austin had become the number one public enemy of the whole Flaming Sun Valley. All disciples of the sect wished to give him a quick death.

"Haha! Don't worry. I didn't come here with bare hands. Look at what I have brought here.

The real founder of our Blood Wolf Team, the Chief Elder, gave me the top treasure of our team. And I brought it here.

You may think I'm bragging, but I tell you that with the top treasure in my hands, I am confident to say that even it is a Sky Realm master, I can contend with him for quite a while."

Wilson declared proudly.


The other people all gasped in astonishment. He could contend with a Sky Realm master!

Did the top treasure of the Blood Wolf Team really have such great power?

They wondered. They all knew that the Wilson of the Blood Wolf Team was a cruel man, but he was practical and never talked big.

Though they had no idea what the top treasure that Wilson mentioned was, they were greatly cheered and relieved by the news. Now with a magic weapon in hand, they believed they could crush Austin like a boot to an ant.

"Haha! Since Wilson is being so honest and open, then I will hide it no more.

Wilson, your Blood Wolf Team has a top treasure, but so does our Flaming Sun Valley.

be turned into a wall? Austin racked his brain, trying to figure it out. Unfortunately, he didn't have a clue. It was unknown to him how and why spiritual sense was used this way.

Austin decided to drop this matter, in the meantime.

Since he had found a space behind the wall, he didn't want to miss it. There was a high chance for him to gain good fortune there.

Wasting no time, Austin strode forward and jumped into the wall.


The wall shook violently as soon as Austin bumped into it. The shaking was followed by some kind of weird noise and in the next moment, Austin was assaulted by strong spiritual sense from all directions, trying to bounce him back.

"Huh!" Austin snorted.

Facing the mighty power of spiritual sense that had charged at him, Austin narrowed his eyes and sneered. His body, that had been bent back by the force, straightened up again as his spiritual sense surged from his brain and rose to withstand the pressure from the wall. With this, Austin was able to squeeze in bit by bit.


With a bit of struggle, Austin finally made it, successfully walking through the wall and entering the space.

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