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   Chapter 464 The Space Behind the Wall (Part One)

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The people that heard Caden reacted differently.

"Did you see it with your own eyes?"

Leo asked doubtfully.

He admitted that Austin was superior to him in strength. That much he knew. But he couldn't believe that Austin would be able to kill so many sixth level demonic and diabolic beasts equal to human's preliminary stage of the Mysterious Realm. It was truly shocking!

"I didn't see it for myself but my junior fellow apprentice, Morris did. He saw Austin enter the Medicine Valley first," Caden said.

"Yes, I saw him enter the Medicine Valley. It's true.

And before he went in, he also killed a young man from another country.

That young man's cultivation base was at the medium stage of Mysterious Realm, but Austin was able to kill him with only two or three strikes," Morris, the principal disciple of Bloody Hero Gang, stepped forward and said.


There are cultivators from other countries here besides the Violet Orchid Empire?

And Austin killed a cultivator at the medium stage of Mysterious Realm in just two or three strikes?"

It was as if two bombs suddenly fell from the sky, shocking Leo and all the other young cultivators to the core.

They were surprised to find out that there were cultivators from other countries that entered the Mysterious Nether World.

It was true that Austin had defeated Leo, who was at the medium stage of the Mysterious Realm, in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games. But it didn't come easy. Their battle was extremely fierce and it was a narrow victory.

Now, was it possible that Austin had become so powerful that he could kill a medium stage Mysterious Realm cultivator in just two or three strikes?

It was unbelievable, so unbelievable that Leo had to ask Morris to narrate everything that happened in detail.


we must carry out the heavenly wishes and kill him.

Besides, Austin must have obtained a lot of high-level elixirs in the Medicine Valley.

What makes a villain like him think that he deserves to have so many high-level elixirs all to himself?

As long as we kill him, we can share all the high-level elixirs he has with him," Wilson declared in an icy tone.

Everyone's eyes brightened at the prospect of getting the elixirs from Austin.

The sixth level demonic and diabolic beasts they saw dead were undoubtedly the protectors of the fifth or even sixth level elixirs. If they could get them from Austin and take them back to the Violet Orchid Empire, they would be rich.

A rare fifth level elixir could be sold for several hundred thousand to even one million vital energy crystals.

While a sixth level elixir would be worth several million. Most of the time, the demand far exceeded the supply. Even someone who offered an extremely high price wouldn't be assured that he'd be able to get one.

Now, Austin had at least fifty or sixty elixirs that were of the fifth level and sixth level. The value of those elixirs was beyond imagination and everyone's eyes glinted with greed.

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