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   Chapter 463 It Is Really Him! (Part Two)

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And yet, to some degree, they feared for their lives too.

A question came to mind.

The sixth-level diabolic beast's cultivation base was equivalent in strength to a human warrior who was at the basic stage of the Mysterious Realm. Now that they had found at least 50 to 60 dead beasts along the way, they wondered, 'Who possessed such incredible strength? Who could kill these many sixth-level diabolic beasts?

It felt like an insurmountable task for just one person. Leo too felt that this was out of depth for him. Rather, he shuddered at the thought, knowing that such a daring act could as well cost him his life.

Again a question echoed in their heads: Who among the 100 warriors in the Mysterious Nether World in the Violet Orchid Empire had such intimidating power?

Somehow, finally, everyone came to a vague conclusion together—a certain figure, perhaps the only figure who was capable of this.


Of course, Austin had been the best of all in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games, and then he was the mighty warrior who had single-handedly killed Abbott, the head of the Blood Wolf Team, his two guardians and two hundred members of their team.

Abbott and his two guardians' cultivation bases were all in the Mysterious Realm.

And among the two hundred members of the Blood Wolf Team, there were several dozen warriors whose cultivation bases were in the Earth Realm.

Austin had overpowered all their strengths and impressed his superiority on all the dead irrevocably. The word of his deed had traveled far and wide and now it was imprinted in all four's memories.

Just when Leo and his fellows' thoughts were centered on Austin and the diabolic beasts, there were sudden shouts ahead. Some sort

o couldn't believe that Caden had the ability to kill such a great many six-level diabolic beasts.

On the other hand, Caden and his fellows were exhausted by the fight. The bitter fight with the python had drained everyone off their energies.

Once it got over, an unknown group of people coming all of a sudden and facing them had completely taken Caden and his warriors by surprise. They were shocked when they saw so many people but seeing that it was Leo and his warriors felt slightly relieved.

It wasn't that there was no competition between them. As the disciples of the five major sects, there surely was but they still had to maintain a semblance of friendliness.

"Ha ha, Leo, it's not me.

You've already seen how much it took out of us to kill that sixth-level demonic beast.

What you had said about the corpses of 50 to 60 sixth-level diabolic beasts, I didn't kill them.

But I think I know who did."

"Who?" Leo, Symon, Garret and Wilson asked at the same moment.

"If I am guessing it right, all of that was Austin's masterpiece," Caden said deliberately.


"Is it really him?"

"It Is Really Him!"

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