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   Chapter 462 It Is Really Him! (Part One)

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Austin blinked hard. There it was, the Buddha's Palm right in front of his eyes, lying in the grass. Although it was considered a sixth grade elixir, it was so difficult to find that many regarded it to be a grade seven.

Which is why stumbling upon it was pure gold! He harvested a seventh grade elixir!

This was a rarity. Most chief figures of the five sects of the Violet Orchid Empire did not necessarily have a grade seven elixir, making the finding of the Buddha's Palm for Austin a once-in-a-lifetime discovery!

Austin tentatively took the Buddha's Palm in his hand and put it into the Space Ring with great care.

Onwards, he walked deeper into the Medicine Valley. The magnificent gnome had led him to a large number of level six elixirs, and almost twenty strains of level seven elixirs. Most elixirs were guarded either by a level six demonic or diabolic beast, though he had the rare chance to encounter a level seven diabolic beast as well.

Imagine a level six diabolic beast to be as strong as a human at the preliminary or medium stage of the Mysterious Realm. So a level seven diabolic beast had the strength to fight a human warrior who was at the medium stage of the Mysterious Realm.

Making them incredibly redoubtable, the seventh-level diabolic beast that Austin encountered was a seventh-level poisonous spider too. It moved its spindly eight legs treacherously towards Austin, as each pincer sharper than a pointed needle promised death to the target. Faster than lightning, the spider-monster was sheathed in a poisonous purple light and had the warrior wary of coming any closer.

The fanged spider's mouth from time to time was spurting a smelly, poisonous colorful mist that worked like acid on the rocks nearby. The spider would hiss out just a single breath and the rocks would fizzle into muddy water within seconds.

A judicious Austin was already on the vigil and dared no

of the four's paths, they encountered a line of bodies of several slain diabolic beasts. Clearly, they were not the first to enter the Medicine Valley nor the only ones here.

This fact somehow disheartened Leo and the rest.

Among the corpses of the beasts strewn like waste from a celebration, they noticed that many were fifth-or sixth-level diabolic beasts. This further stirred envy inside their hearts as they yearned for high-level elixirs that somebody before them had already got. What they bagged instead felt like scraps.

To add insult to injury, their most powerful enemy was just one level five diabolic beast.

They had never seen a level six diabolic beast let alone fighting one.

In contrast, among the scattered bodies, one could count at least 50 or 60 level six diabolic beasts in just one glance. This meant that their predecessor now had an equal number of incredibly important elixirs on him.

As they went farther into the Valley, the count of bodies of the sixth level diabolic beasts kept on growing.

All four felt seething resentment at the thought that someone had already been here. Leo, Symon, Wilson and Garret felt reduced to beggars as they felt they were like rats gnawing at an eaten apple for some piece of the fruit.

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