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   Chapter 461 Buddha's Hand

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10073

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Six or seven figures appeared at the entrance and dashed inside the Medicine Valley. Their leader was a young man in a purple garment, his steady breath and imposing air showed his strong cultivation base.


Suddenly, a joyful voice called from the front.


The young man in purple halted and looked around. Five warriors appeared from the front-left direction.

"Oh, Morris, you have also entered the valley.

I can smell the strong fragrance of medicinal herbs upon my arrival. This valley must be abundant with herbs. Your visit must have been duly rewarded."

The young man in purple was Caden, a promising warrior from the younger generation of the Violet Orchid Empire. He was a member of the Bloody Hero Gang.

Morris, whom Austin had encountered just now, was a principal disciple from the Bloody Hero Gang.

"Caden, this valley is indeed abundant in herbs and a significant number of beasts with formidable strength.

So far, I have plucked six fourth-grade herbs and two fifth-grade ones.

I would have gained more if I hadn't encountered those emerging beasts continuously.

But I believe you will get more with your stronger strength.

Please hurry up and take us there to get more herbs, Caden.

Austin has already been in the valley!

If we don't hurry and catch up to him. he might just take all of them."


Caden's face slightly changed upon hearing that name. Austin was the warrior who had gotten the public spotlight during the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games and had killed the head of the Blood Wolf Team together with two guardians. A feeling of dread had risen in his heart as the thought crept in his mind.

"Remember, try to avoid any conflict with him if we ever encounter him."

After contemplating shortly, Caden strode towards the valley with his men. . .

Another party of six men arrived at the entrance of the Medicine Valley just when Caden and his men had entered. The man who took the lead was Wilson from the Blood Wolf Team!

"To my surprise, Austin had disappeared without a trace in the Mysterious Nether World.

Blood for blood. I must make sure Austin pays for what he had done to the Blood Wolf Team."

Wilson spoke between clenched teeth.

He had gradually called together all the forces of the Blood Wolf Team in the Mysterious Nether World. Apart from treasure hunting, he had also kept a close eye on Austin's trace.

"Wilson, did the Chief Elder really hand over the most powerful weapon of the Blood Wolf Team to you?"

A member, standing by his side, asked eagerly.

"Hmm, of course. I must use it to kill Austin and take revenge.

Maybe he thought our Blood Wolf Team would fall apart after Abbott's death.

Our team was founded by the Chief Elder. Our leader Abbott was just his personal disciple.

Blood Wolf Team will always have a place in the Violet Orchid Empire as long as the Chief Elder lives.

I must kill Austin with my own hands, and let the worl

Realm could stand a chance to defeat it.

But Austin just gave a laugh.

He tapped the ground and drifted towards the diabolic leopard. With great power in his arm, he launched a strong punch.

The beast was enraged to see a delicate and frail human jumping forward to attack with his mortal body. The beast was undeniably powerful, yet Austin, even with his feeble physique, wanted to challenge it. It was an evident disgrace to the beast's majesty.

Another howl escaped the beast's mouth.

The diabolic leopard lifted its head and roared again. Its body lunged at Austin in a cloud of dirt and leaves, and its two strong forepaws spread open.

Instantly, the scene was quite a mass of flying sand and rolling stones. Even the tall grass was blown out.


A blaring sound echoed, resulting from the violent crash.

Austin's fists dashed violently against the leopard's paws.

The leopard rolled its eyes in terror. It was surprised to witness such formidable force from Austin's fists, quite disproportionate to his frail body, poured into its forepaws. Austin's strength was so overwhelming that even the beast, which was distinguished for its great force, was no match to that.

The next moment...

The massive body of the diabolic leopard was violently thrown tens of meters away like a fast-moving meteorite, cutting all the trees in the way in halves.

Austin hastened to accumulate his vital energy force and urge it forward with a wave of his hand.

Soon, a clearing was exposed as a passage was formed between the grass.

Austin was pleasantly surprised when he looked at the clearing.

A dark green palm-shaped object was lying silently on the ground.

A level 6 herb––it was Buddha's Hand!

As a rare herb, its value was almost the same as a level 7 herb.

Austin never expected to find a Buddha's Hand in that place!

More so, he did not even think that such a rare herb would actually grow there––stuck into the mud beneath.

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