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   Chapter 460 The Medicine Valley

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Austin went straight to the Medicine Valley accompanied by Iris and Anna.

The valley was huge. Austin attempted to explore it with his spiritual sense, but he had underestimated the size of the valley for he couldn't even detect the end of it.

All he could surmise was that the valley was over 6, 000 meters deep.

"Wow! Look! Six black flowers! Right there! You know, they are grade-four medicinal herbs!"

Anna cried out in surprise a moment later. She was pointing at a rubble heap where six bright flowers presented themselves in all their glory.

Her interest piqued, Anna ran directly towards the heap.

"Watch out! Anna!

There may be diabolic beasts around!"

Iris shouted, warning Anna about her haste.

Anna had just stopped in her path when a few dark brown shadows jumped out of the heap and flew straight at Anna. Winds whistled behind them as they rushed in fury.

Anna hadn't had time to make sense of the beasts. She hurriedly pulled out her sword, but the dark shadows were all over her.

Anna was paralyzed with fear and couldn't react to the danger. She closed her eyes instinctively, waiting for the upcoming attack. Out of the blue, a dozen rays of sword radiance passed close to her and protected her from the dangers.

Hiss… Hiss…

"They're level-four demonic beasts, the dead wood snakes!"

Anna stared in horror at the beasts in front of her. There were more than a dozen snakes, each of which was very much like a withered branch except they were much more menacing.

The shadows turned out to be three dead wood snakes. They were lurking on the rubble heap where the black flowers were growing. When Anna approached the heap, they launched an attack.

Dead wood snakes were level-four demonic beasts. As their name suggested, they looked like dead wood and often disguised themselves as withered branches. Once the enemy came close, they would launch a sudden and violent attack, giving the target little to no time to respond or defend themselves.

As a matter of fact, when Anna saw those black flowers, Austin had discovered that there were three dead wood snakes near them with the help of his spiritual sense. However, before he could warn her, she had already rushed over. So he had pulled out his sacred sword, ready to kill the dead wood snakes when they would launch their attack.

"Thank you, Austin. If it wasn't you, Anna wouldn't have been able to survive the attack."

Iris felt rightfully indebted to him. It was a matter of fate that they had decided to follow Austin.

A variety of medicinal herbs at the fourth or fifth grade constantly presented themselves to the three throughout the way. Sometimes if they were lucky enough, they could find valuable medicinal herbs every dozen steps. The three were very excited.

In a span of 1, 000 meters, they came across almost 100 medicinal herbs, all of which were the fourth or fifth grade.

In some auctions of the Violet Orchid Empire, a grade-four medicinal herb could be auctioned off for hundreds of thousands of vital energy crystals. The price of some rare ones could even reach millions of vital energy crystals.

In the Medicine Valley, there were medicinal herbs at the fourth or fifth grade everywhere. The cumulative value of all these herbs could make them rich beyond their dreams.

As Iris and Anna picked the medicinal herbs at the fourth or fifth grade and put them into their Space Rings, they were screaming a

n. Iris was obviously reluctant to leave her powerful companion Austin, but she also knew that the medicinal herbs at the fourth or fifth grade didn't attract Austin.

There would obviously be more valuable medicinal herbs in the depths of the valley, but accordingly, they would encounter more powerful beasts. If they still followed Austin, they would surely be a burden for him.

"Austin, go ahead then. Anna and I have already got many medicinal herbs at the fourth or fifth grade, and it has already exceeded our expectations. Therefore, we won't go deep into the valley but go towards the outer circle of the Mysterious Nether World to try our luck.

My ancestor's note has marked the outer circle in detail, so I believe that it will help us to gain something as long as we don't go to the dangerous places," Iris said sensibly.

Austin was glad that Iris didn't continue to follow him into the Medicine Valley. Otherwise, he would have to take care of them distractedly. He then grew fond of this girl showing good sense.

"Well, then I'll go ahead. Be careful."

Austin was a direct, no-nonsense man. After saying goodbye, he turned and went straight to the depths of the Medicine Valley.

When Austin was more than ten meters away, he turned around and waved his hand backward, and then dozens of medicinal herbs flew back at lightning speed and landed in front of Iris.

Iris looked towards all the medicinal herbs at the fourth or fifth grade that they had just collected.

"Take these medicinal herbs.

My harvest will be much greater than yours," Austin said before he rushed to catch up with Violet and the gnome.

Iris and Anna were taken aback. They watched Austin recede into the depths of the Medicine Valley. Even after he was long gone, they were still standing, touched by his generous gifts.

Soon enough, Austin met with Violet and the gnome.

The three of them then rushed towards the depths of the Medicine Valley at lightning speed.

The gnome became more and more boisterous as they marched forward. It kept shouting excitedly, frequently telling Austin that it was attracted by something very precious ahead.

The gnome's constant shouts encouraged Austin and Violet. Their eyes were lit up with the fruit that the gnome was animating about.

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