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   Chapter 459 Kill The Lad In White (Part Two)

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After getting the information that he wanted, he gave the dying lad a punch without any hesitation.

"How dare you!" the lad in white screamed.

As Austin landed his fist on the lad, his blood, bones and flesh started to fall apart from his body. He was dismembered and turned into a heap of blood and flesh instantly.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The next second, the heap spread in all directions. It looked like a blood rain.

"Three masters at the Sky Realm. I can't believe that.

In our Violet Orchid Empire, only the emperor has reached the Sky Realm. But the cultivators whom Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom has sent into the Mysterious Nether World are at that level. Now I can understand why that holy empire rules this continent," Austin mumbled.

The more he thought about it, the more terrified he got.

'Things have happened. I'll play it by ear now. If I get into trouble, I'll find a way to get myself out it too, ' he comforted himself.

He shook his head to get rid of any thoughts of fear or doubt.

The remains of the lad in white had vanished into air.

His voice of hatred echoed in the air and in Austin's ears.

All this time, the other cultivators stared at Austin quietly. They didn't dare to upset him after witnessing how he had defeated the lad in white.

'The lad was at the medium stage of the Mysterious Realm. His task was only to gather information from the Mysterious Nether World.

I bet he wasn't the among the elite cultivators in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. It looks like the three holy empires have lots of powerful masters.

In our country, the young cultivators who are at the premium stage of the Earth Realm are regarded as the elites among the disciples of the five biggest sects.

I guess, I'm still short-sighted because I haven't seen much of the world. There is a lot to watch out for!

Fine. After my task of seeking the treasure in the Myst

ial art skills were rare. They couldn't get one even if they had lots of money.

After all, no one would sell their treasures.

Austin put aside the manual and glanced at the crowd indifferently. With a stride, he got to the place two hundred meters away from the dead boar which he had killed, and pulled a blade of green grass.

The plant looked like coiled grass. It was called Snake Grass, a fourth-grade elixir.

In the Mysterious Nether World, each diabolic beast would guard a herb or an elixir. It meant that the boar was the guardian of the Snake Grass.

Austin handed the grass to Denali.

"This is my gift for you," he said curtly.

"Now, let's get going," he said to Iris and Anna as he turned around.

The three headed for the Medicine Valley.

With the Snake Grass in her hand, Denali thought for a while before she opened her mouth to ask Austin something.

"Would you like us to join you, Austin?" she inquired.

All those who were walking behind Denali were taken aback by her question. The faces of the principal disciples of the Bloody Hero Gang turned darker.

"I guess not. But be careful. The Mysterious Nether World is a dangerous place!"

With a wave of his hand, he walked ahead with Iris and Anna, towards the valley.

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