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   Chapter 458 Kill The Lad In White (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6659

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The teenager in white was a really excellent cultivator at the medium stage of the Mysterious Realm. He was at the same level as Leo from the Peripatetic Sect.

It means that Leo would end up like this lad in white, if he fought against Austin.

Surprisingly Austin didn't beat up Leo as effortlessly in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games as he did this time. Did he hold back his strength? Did he avoid using all his power last time?' the young cultivators from the Violet Orchid Empire wondered.

While they were lost in their thoughts, the lad on the ground kept spitting out blood.

"No, it can't be.

How could a loser belonging to such a weak kingdom possess such horrible, overwhelming battle force?"

the youngster murmured in disbelief.

Finally, he realized that he could no longer withstand Austin's aggressive attacks. His body had numerous wounds and blood kept oozing from them. He looked terrible.

When Austin stopped punching and rose up, the youth lay on the ground, trembling with pain and coughing up blood.

His eyes were filled with fear and trepidation. He didn't dare to look into the eyes of the scary demon standing before him, named Austin.

"Tell me about your country, the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

How many of your companions are here? How about their cultivation base?

It looks like you haven't been here before. Why did you come here now?

I need to know the answers of all the questions!"

Austin said coldly, with a strong murderous will in his eyes as he looked down at the dying lad.

"You are a despicable person! Go ahead. Just kill me. We, the people of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom would rather die than be insulted or deceive their own people! I will never tell you about my companions," the teenager in white snapped at Austin in an angry yet determined tone.

Austin was stunned to see the lad spitting blood yet ready to die for his companions. 'He is not a coward!' he thought.

"Hmmm! Is t

ivators who will enter the Mysterious Nether World have already reached the Sky Realm.

Brat, I admit you're more powerful than I am. But you're no match for the cultivators at the Sky Realm.

There is a saying among the cultivators in our continent: those who are at the Sky Realm are invincible.

Although the Mysterious Realm is close to the Sky Realm, there is a huge difference between the cultivators of the two realms when it comes to the power they possess.

Well, never mind! It might be difficult for you to understand.

I'll make it easier for you.

A master at the Sky Realm can kill a dozen cultivators who are at the premium stage of the Mysterious Realm with one single blow.

Now you can understand the difference, I guess.

So, I advise you not to get yourself in trouble. I'm not a person you can mess with. You can't afford to kill me!"

Noticing that Austin was listening to him silently and wore a harmless smile on his face, the lad in white was convinced that Austin didn't have the guts to harm him or take his life.

"I see. You think you are superior to me?

You are sure that I will not dare to kill you, huh?

Screw you! If you upset me, I will smash you to pieces. It doesn't matter to me who you are!" Austin snapped sternly with a fierce look in his eyes.

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