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   Chapter 457 The Battle (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6521

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'It seems that the level ten spear intent, when combined with the vital energy force of the medium stage of Mysterious Realm, can withstand my 30, 000 pounds weight fist.

Well, that's not a big deal. Let me break his level ten spear intent first, and then I can beat him into a meat pie.'

Austin planned in his mind. Then he brought out the sacred sword in his hand and struck out, sending a hundred streaks of sword radiance towards the young man. A level one sword potential was also attached to these sword radiance. The dotted sword radiance, like a long river of crazily sharp light, swept away towards the young man.

'A level one sword potential!

How can it be that this ant, from such a low-level country, has comprehended a level one sword potential?

Didn't Prime Minister Zhuge tell us that cultivators from all the other countries were weak and their strength was the same as ants compared to us?

Hadn't he said that the young talents in our three holy kingdoms are the best in the southern mainland of the Prime Martial World?

This young man in front of me seems to be at most sixteen or seventeen years old. How can he possess such extraordinary powers?'

After the young man in white felt Austin's power and that of his level one sword potential, he was totally shocked and it immediately set off a surge in his heart.

While the young man was stunned, Austin also ordered 10 Spiritual Sense Flying Needles to attack his Soul Sea too. He was sending in all troops to overwhelm his enemy.

The young man suddenly felt that there was an unbearable pain coming from his Soul Sea. He looked inside and found that ten flying needles inside.

Spiritual sense force attack!

The young man was at the medium stage of Mysterious Realm. Naturally, his spiritual sense had also been formed. And moreover, his spiritual sense was not weak. He could also practice spiritual sense attacks.

Hundreds of sword radi

hit the young man right in the abdomen with one powerful punch.

The moment his fist attached itself to his stomach, the white-dressed young man's vital energy shield was shattered into a million tiny pieces.

Blood gushed out from his mouth and his face immediately turned an anemic shade of pale.

"Ha ha, who is the ant now? High-level countries? So what?

I can beat you into meat pie!"


Another powerful punch hit the white-dressed young man.

However, Austin controlled the powers of his fist this time, using only about 60% of it.


The young man flew backwards like a flimsy kite which had lost control.

Austin suddenly jumped up and followed right after his body.





Austin controlled the strength of his fist, but repeatedly punched the body of the young man, beating him wildly. He wasn't going to kill him, because Austin also wanted to get some information from him.

The rest of the young cultivators of the Violet Orchid Empire were all startled after witnessing this fierce battle. Even though Austin had become famous for his ferocity and power in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games and it had left a deep impression on all the participants, this battle was still even more remarkable.

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