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   Chapter 456 The Battle (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6428

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The white-clothed young man who claimed that he was a cultivator from other world and not a resident of their country was in a mood to massacre Austin and his friends the moment he stepped out and stood in front of them.

All the cultivators from Violet Orchid Empire were standing in the field and observing the fluctuation of the young man's vital energy. Their intensity showed that his cultivation base was at the medium stage of Mysterious Realm!

Except for Austin, the faces of every cultivator in the area had changed greatly. Such a powerful cultivation base was comparable to that of Leo, a disciple of the Peripatetic Sect who was also thought to be the strongest cultivator in the Violet Orchid Empire after Austin!

In the eyes of the white clad young man, these people in front of him all had a cultivation base at the Earth Realm. Pathetic! And as weak as ants. No wonder he was so arrogant! The man's vital energy cultivation base was at the medium stage of Mysterious Realm, and he had already grasped level ten spear intent. Although he had not yet grasped anything about spear potential, it was still very easy for him in his mind to defeat the seven Earth Realm cultivators in front of him.

Since Austin was utilizing the Magical Aura-changing Skill, the fluctuation of vital energy in his whole body had been covered up. The young man could not figure out the real stage of Austin's cultivation base, which was unusual. But in any case, these ants from low-level countries were limited in their abilities even if their cultivation base was supposedly high.

"Ha-ha-ha, I will tell the truth to you ants. This Mysterious Nether World belongs to the private industry of our Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom from now and is now a place especially reserved for our young generation. You have no business mucking about here.

You intruders from such low-level countries are going to be dead now! D

condensed around them instantly. Snowflakes started flying around his whole body, and in the middle of the flying ice and snow, the level ten spear intent was visible.

The young man, clad in snow-white, with his feet stepping on the snowy ice, and the icy cold wind above his head, roared and rushed towards Austin.

When the spear in his hand shook, icy lines appeared in the air and it seemed that the very space around it had been torn apart. Voids appeared and meandered like a dragon, making the sound of ice fragmentation. Several icy lines appeared in front of him to defend him from Austin's fist.

Ice spear dragon powers hit out, sending out a strong force of the fierce cold. They were sharp and irresistible.

As soon as he started his attack, he let out a fierce killing intent, leaving no chance for his opponent to resist.


With a violent crashing sound, Austin's fist and the ice dragons crashed together.

The place where the collision took place, and its immediate surroundings seemed to shake violently and break apart.

The ice dragons were blown to pieces and turned into icy debris, floating around everywhere in air.

To everyone's surprise, Austin's fist giant and powerful had been blocked by the young man's spear.

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