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   Chapter 455 The Legend Is True

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The three people managed to get the upper hand and besieged the wild boar.

However, Denali suddenly retreated from the combat and ran towards Austin as soon as she saw him.

The other two felt stressful as their companion left them in the middle of battling against a boar. The wild boar, however, seemed to have primary intellect and took advantage of the moment to charge at them fiercely.


a poker-faced girl called out as she witnessed the scene.

"Of course, I remember you. I didn't expect you to enter the Mysterious Nether World as well," Austin smiled.

Austin didn't have a special affection to the girl, but he didn't dislike her either.

"I asked for this opportunity. Each of the five grand sects has five quotas. My mentor pledged with the Sect Leader to take me with them. That's why I'm here now," Denali explained.

Austin suddenly understood the rule. People who were allowed to enter the Mysterious Nether World included not only the top 50 winners of the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games but also the five quotas in each of the five grand sects.

He had been wondering why Denali could pass the qualification since her cultivation base was still in the preliminary stage of Earth Realm. It was almost impossible for her to get to the top 50 of the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games.

"Denali, come back. Austin is not one of us anymore!"

the poker-faced girl shouted again as Denali ignored her call.

"Denali, you have just put your companions in danger!" she added.

The two cultivators who had been combating with the wild boar were gradually dominated after Denali left.

"Miss Li, get back here. Everything in this place is unpredictable. You shouldn't trust anyone or touch anything that you are not familiar with," a young man warned Denali, obviously pertaining to Austin. He was the only cultivator who reached the premium stage of Earth Realm among the group.

Austin turned to look at him as he spoke. He recognized that the young man was a core dis

s slaves from an inferior empire?" some people in the group murmured.

Everyone, including Austin, had no clue who the young man was.

But they were sure that he wasn't a member of the 100 young cultivators from the Violet Orchid Empire who came to the Mysterious Nether World.

"The legend is true?

He is a cultivator from another world? He looks powerful. No wonder he is so arrogant!" some of them whispered.

However, the young man's remarks utterly provoked Austin. He didn't say anything and instead drew his sword slowly.

Suddenly, strong vital energy surged around his body, and at the same time, strips of sword intent streamed out.

"Ha-ha-ha! Poor slave! You even want to push your luck? You'll feel sorry soon!"

The young man laughed hysterically.

"Killing a cultivator from an inferior empire will earn me some contribution credits. I can exchange them for secret books and other cultivation resources. It's not a bad deal. Even though this rubbish has only Earth Realm cultivation, I can at least get some contribution credits. Go to hell!"

The young man stepped forward. Along with his movements, the wind swirled, and snow drifted, while the earth was frozen under his feet. Ice dragons roared, and ice serpents viciously twisted. The cold wind was so strong that it could almost tumble people down.

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