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   Chapter 454 An Old Acquaintance

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The footsteps seemed light on the ground as Austin and the two nuns continued to advance quickly. After two hours, they suddenly realized that the air was filled with herbal fragrances, which the wind helped spread around.

They paused for a bit, then Iris looked ahead in the distance.

"The Medicine Valley is now in sight, some way ahead!" Iris said cheerfully. Austin nodded and they resumed their path.

They quickened their pace even more and after half an hour, they arrived in front of a lush, green valley.

Three mountains surrounded the valley, and towering trees that reached up to the sky formed a natural barrier around the valley which covered it and prevented it from being too noticeable.

Fragrances from various herbs flowed forth from the valley and seeped into their nostrils. The three of them felt refreshed with the pleasing scents. They felt that their vital energy flowed more smoothly within them after they breathed in the fragrant air.

It was clear that the elixirs from the valley were of the best quality.

After a while, Austin activated his spiritual sense power. He found that a few cultivators were already inside the valley. It turned out that they weren't the first to get inside.

At the same time, through his spiritual sense power, Austin also sensed ominous scents that wafted throughout the valley. The scents came from the demonic and diabolic beasts, and Austin gauged that they were extremely powerful.

It seemed that what Iris told him was true. In the Mysterious Nether World, the demonic and diabolic beasts guarded all the precious elixirs and treasures.

If he wanted to get the elixirs and treasures, he had to kill the demonic and diabolic beasts first.

"Let's get inside, or all the good things will fall to other people's hands," Austin said and waved a hand to his two companions.

In a blink of an eye, Austin had rushed forth.

With the help of the Wind-commanding Skill, Austin was able to traverse smoothly, casting shadows that flashed on the ground. He had left Iris and Anna far behind him in just a split second.

"Iris, is he intentionally showing off in front of us?" Anna frowned.

She bit her lower lip as she tried hard to operate her vital energy force. She did her best bodily movement skill and tried hard to catch up to Austin, as she didn't want to lose track of him.

Iris and Anna knew that the Medicine Valley was home to invaluable elixirs, but also a place for extremely

he warrior who was at the medium stage of Earth Realm just got in that level. His vital energy in his new level was still quite weak. He obviously hadn't stabilized yet in the medium stage of Earth Realm.

Austin came closer, and was stunned when he saw the warriors' faces.

"It's them!" he exclaimed.

"It's you, Austin!" the only female warrior in the fight cried out excitedly.

It really was a small world.

Austin never expected to meet an old acquaintance under such circumstances.

It turned out that the female warrior was Denali!

Back when Austin was a grunt disciple, he had saved Denali once.

He remembered on that night, Rafat, who sneaked up into the Sun Sect and wanted to use Denali to cultivate some kind of wicked martial arts skill, had carried her into the woods. Unfortunately for him, Austin noticed them and felt something strange--so he secretly followed them all along, and finally saved Denali from him.

After that however, they met less and there weren't as many occasions that they could meet each other. Gradually, Austin had almost forgotten her.

It never occurred to him that he would meet her again in the Mysterious Nether World.

"Austin, don't you remember me?

I'm Denali!"

Denali grappled with the boar, but she ran to Austin excitedly when she saw him. Austin was the man who saved her life, and rescued her from the torture of the bastard Rafat. She couldn't imagine the terrible consequences if Rafat had gotten his way.

Even if Austin didn't quite remember her, she never forgot about him. It was why when she saw him, she ran towards him regardless of her situation.

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