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   Chapter 453 Three Dangerous Places

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Not knowing how Austin fared while he was in the Fire Valley, Anna and Iris were worried sick about his safety. But as soon as Austin came out of the valley, he suddenly felt very warm deep inside and happy when he saw them waiting for him anxiously. It actually felt good that someone would wait for him.

Although he had saved their lives before, but they didn't exactly grow up together and had only met by chance, hence their relationship was not that deep yet. They were still more like strangers than acquaintances. Besides, in the world of warriors, everyone's primary interest was only profit, relationships and unnecessary feelings are just considered liabilities. And there are only a handful of people who are kind enough to thank people who help them out.

Iris and Anna were both overjoyed when they saw Austin flew out of the valley, especially Iris, who had previously been guilty of leading Austin into the dangerous valley. At this time, she looked immensely relieved when she saw Austin came back safe and sound.

"Austin, you have been in the valley for several hours already. Just how far out did you reach?"

Iris gazed at Austin from head to toe and observed that his eyes looked particularly bright and his face had a healthy warm glow. It was obvious that he did not get hurt in the valley but instead discovered something interesting. Hence, the curiosity was evident in her tone when she asked Austin.

''Sadly I was unable to go very far. I just went deep into the Fire Valley which was 2500 meters deep, and then I dared not venture further again."

Austin went deep into the valley 2, 500 meters deep while Iris and Anna were only able to reach five or six hundred meters ahead. This frustrated them so much, so they were silent for a while.

Despite the fact that Austin reached further than they ever did, he still looked very relaxed and comfortable. There was no trace or hint of fear or fatigue in him. And even after experiencing multiple dangers in the valley, he was still able to talk and laugh with them as if nothing happened. It was like he just went for a lazy stroll in some pretty garden and came back relaxed and rejuvenated.

They started reflecting on themselves because of Austin's disposition. Although the both of them have been resting outside of the valley for quite some time already, they still felt breathless and tired. It was as if they were the ones who entered the valley and not Austin.

But despite of it all, Austin still said that he was ashamed that he was only able to reach such a distance. If the likes of him were ashamed of his achievement then what they have reached was more shameful in comparison.

With this train of thought, Anna who had a simple character, could not help but give Austin a mean look.

"Oh, by the way, weren't the two of you supposed to collect fire spirit stones and take them back to your Master?

I was able to collect some. Here you go, you can take them all."

As Austin was speaking, he suddenly pulled out a heap of fire

ine Valley which is filled with numerous amounts of elixirs. They are basically at fourth, fifth and sixth grade.

Among the three places, the least dangerous is the Medicine Valley. Most of the diabolic beast in there are at the fourth and fifth level only. We can easily defeat them and get pass them.

Of course, besides the three places mentioned, there are also a variety of elixirs, natural resources and treasures on the first level of the Mysterious Nether World. It's like a trove of different mysterious treasures waiting to be discovered.

Just like before, in the swamp, we found the sarira mysterious fruit. This just shows that we would be able to find numerous treasure which lay about in the first level.

"Well, let's go next to the Medicine Valley now and see what elixir we can get."

The quality of a fourth-grade elixir is already quite high, so the fifth or sixth grade elixirs will definitely cause an uproar among the warriors in the Violet Orchid Empire, no matter which one is taken out. It is so valuable that everyone would certainly go crazy about it.

As for the Bee Valley, Austin was already familiar with the area, because the first place he was transported to was the Bee Valley.

Fortunately, he was able to flee quickly. Just remembering the overwhelming crowds of human head demonic bees he saw in that place was already enough to make Austin's scalp tingle. At this moment, how dare he go back and provoke the crowds of human head demonic bees again?

Just then, the three of them set out immediately and sped towards the coordinates which were indicated in the notes left by the ancestor of the Pure Dream Convent.

Because, in this Mysterious Nether World, they weren't the only ones who were searching for the treasure during that moment. It was possible that other warriors have already entered the valley of medicine and wantonly picked elixirs. If they slow down a bit, they might not be able to find a low-grade elixir. It was a race against time for them.

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